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  1. J

    Oil paint

    The oil paint filter in Photoshop CS6 doesn't work anymore. When I click on it, I get the following message: "This feature requires graphics processor acceleration. Please check the Performance Preferences and verify that "Use Graphics Processor" is enabled. " Where to find the Performance...
  2. MoltresRider

    Constant Photoshop Preference File corruption

    I am getting quite frequently where Photoshop will freeze when "reading preferences" and will do this every time until I go into the app data and manually delete all files with prefs or preferences in the name. Various websites say that the preferences file is corrupt. After deleting the file...
  3. S

    Where are my hotkey preferences saved?

    Hello! I am going to be upgrading my computer, specifically shutting down my HDD and starting my computer fresh on an SDD setup. So I am going to have to reinstall photoshop. I have been using this setup for years and I have made a lot of changes to the preferences and Hot Keys. Im sure there...
  4. B

    Cursor stuck as crosshair

    Photoshop CC v2015.1.2 Win10 64 Suddenly my cursor for everything including brushes and tools is stuck as a sort of crosshair. Changing it in preferences has no effect. Any ideas if this can be cured please?
  5. B

    Menu commands blanked out

    Hi I recently had to change my pc (XP to Win 7 64 pro) and have been trying to restore my CS5 v12.04. I reloaded my original CS2 followed by the CS5 update that I bought afterwards. The problem I have is that 60% of my dropdown menus are blank, and Camera Raw is not as complete as formerly. I...
  6. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #5 CC 2014/15 Preferences Pickle...

    The problem: UN-checking "Resize Image During Place" in CC2014 and CC2015 is not retained in preferences. To Replicate: 1. UN-check the option in Preferences > General 2. Close PS. 3. Open PS. 4. Open Preferences > General The option is checked again. Seems to be the only pref which isn't...
  7. T

    missing workspace button on options bar

    I've tried resetting and deleting preferences. It WAS there, but now it's not. And it won't come back.
  8. PegoMan

    Filter-Stylize. Only 3 effects available.

    First of all, I'm using Mac Yosemite 10.10.4 and CS5 Extended. I've trying to learn several filter effects and when I try and use Filter-Stylize all it will let me open is Emboss, Fit Edges and Solarize. Can't use any of the other options. I've tried several different images, looked at...
  9. B

    'Not Responding'

    Hello I am experiencing a problem loading Photoshop. When it is loading up it goes through 'reading presets', etc and then 'Reading Text Global Resources...Done' and then stops. I then get the Windows blue circle going round and round as if it is still trying to open Photoshop but that never...
  10. mikecox

    Ps Printer options

    In a bygone day I remember being able to import my hp scanned images directly into Ps. Something happened; I got a new printer or something and I was forced to use my flash drive to scan images to. I put off setting it back up for so long that I think, maybe the option isn't even available any...
  11. M

    CS5 not keeping preferences

    For a few weeks now CS 5 is losing my preferences every time it is shut down. I used it for years without that problem and have no idea why it won't keep them now.
  12. S

    Photoshop CS5 not saving Workspace???

    Hello there one and all. I recently did a upgrade to my PC and had to re-boot my system. I have Photoshop CS5 working fine and all, but one thing it is doing that it never did in the past is ... I set everything where I want them to be (History, Action Palette, etc, brushes, etc) it used to...
  13. W

    Pen tool color path

    Hey everybody...., I am working with the pen tool on a gray background and it is very painful to clearly see the pen tool lines...... What is a simple way to work around these problem? Thank you. Regards. Nic.
  14. LadyJemima

    Very frustrated: where do CS5.5 presets go?

    Right now, I'm setting up a brand new iMac with CS5.5. I had just gotten vaguely familiar with CS5 on my laptop, and I was hoping to simply copy and paste my Keyboard Shortcuts, Preferences, and Workspace files into the same folders on the new computer. Alas, the file setups are somewhat...