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'Not Responding'


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I am experiencing a problem loading Photoshop.
When it is loading up it goes through 'reading presets', etc and then 'Reading Text Global Resources...Done' and then stops. I then get the Windows blue circle going round and round as if it is still trying to open Photoshop but that never ceases. Then, along the top of the application it says: 'Adobe Photoshop (not responding)'. This happens every time I try to open it.
I thought Inkscape might be interfering with it and so uninstalled it but it has made no difference. The PC was not online for about 4 weeks when this started to happen, so I know that the problem is not caused by any Windows updates. I have also run a sfc /scannnow from the command prompt and my Windows files are fine. In addition, I have run a memtest which examines the integrity of my RAM and I get no problems found.
I don't have an issue with any other applications.
I have read elsewhere to delete the Photoshop Preferences files but I can't get into the Preferences files because the programme won't load? Does Preferences have it's own folder in Windows Program Files (I can't see anything there)?
I am on Win 7 and have the same Photoshop installation disk installed and working on an XP PC.
LOL....all that info and yet you forget the PS version!

If you want to keep your 'Prefs' (recommended) in case a reset doesn't work I'll need to know your PS version....otherwise if you can afford to lose them do this:

Hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift when launching PS.
It'll ask you if you want to delete the 'Prefs' file.
Click YES.

PS will launch (Hopefully) as if a fresh install.

If not we'll have to think of something else.

Hello Tom - many thanks for your reply.I tried the Control + Alt + Shift and was asked if I wanted to delete the Presets and I said Yes, but it hasn't made any difference - please see link (I put links because I can never seem to attach files on this forum via IE). You can see it is trying to load (where I have the orange star), but it just doesn't manage it. It's version 8 Photoshop CS (Middle East). Thanks again for your help. As I say, it works fine on my XP computer - it's just a bit of a pain having to do the Photoshop work on one PC and then to transfer the files onto the main Win 7 PC.

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Is your 'Flash Player' up to date? (Especially for IE !!!)

Use THIS Adobe page to check if your version needs updating. (latest is

If so, do so...making sure that IE is updated if nothing else.

If you want to download and manually install 'Flash Player' then use THIS Adobe page.
Make sure you install BOTH versions...'IE' and 'Plugin-based Browsers'.

See if that makes a difference.

If not then you may have to completely remove PS and re-install it.

Yes, Tom, I get a: Congratulations, your computer has the latest Flash Player installed from the Adobe site.

I am using IE10, but sometimes Safari (on Windows).

I might try uninstalling PS and reinstalling it, but I have done that before and it didn't make a difference.

I'll post back.

Thanks again.
At this point that sounds like your best bet.

Make sure you uninstall everything....

Adobe suggest deleting remaining folders after an uninstall....you can find all the info from the same link I gave you before.

If you have a registry cleaner it wouldn't hurt to do that also.....don't worry if you haven't got one.

I don't use IE but it needs to be kept updated regardless.......the OS (Win 7) depends on it.
This is why its important to keep the 'Flash Player' updated for IE as well as any other browser.

You may find that Windows will be happier with IE11 rather than 10.....worth a try eh?

IE updates also include other 'behind the scenes' updates too (like the .NET framework) which the latest software (like PS) depends upon....in other words its not just a browser....it should be, but it isn't.

I'm fast running out of idea's so if none of that works then I may be just as stumped as you.....sorry.