1. M

    Basic Photoshop use for MAC - newbie question

    Hi All, I am having some illustrations done for a book and website that will be created in Photoshop. I'll apparently need to shrink the size and will want to do some basic editing of the images to format for different uses etc. maybe add a little text and so on. I want to be able to use my new...
  2. P

    Photoshop for video: cannot complete rendering after a NIK filter applied.

    Hi, this my first post. I saw recently a video (YTube) with Scott Kelby called "7 Steps for Photographers on Editing Video in Adobe Photoshop CC". After importing a small 30 seconds sequence from a Canon 5DMIII, convert the sequence For Smart Filters and applied a NIK/Google filter (testes with...
  3. M

    Pro Sig Team :)

    Hey All :) Im on a website for a game i play called farming simulator and im wondering if a few people would like to join and Make super sigs for the team :) i have 2 people off of the site i think ... im still waiting a reply tho ... Much Appreciated Matt.
  4. Burned Ice

    After Effects adobe premier pro, basics?

    Can someone give me some really basic tutorials for adobe premier pro? i can't find the split tool and others. with kind regards, Burned Ice
  5. P

    Pro needed - ongoing work

    Hi, We are a furniture manufacturer in UK. We need someone who can start quickly on some images for a new product launch (Also Logo needed) Commercially sensitive so i can`t post images on here, sorry. Will be upto 40-50 images to start with (most adaptable to batch process) then further...