1. ZeroCool22

    Intuos Pro Pen & Touch, surface smooth or rough?

    I'm thinking on buy one of those, but i don't want to get the suprise i got with my INTUOS, where the surfare is rough and i hate it, i love to feel NO FRICTION when i draw/retouch, i just put a print paper on it and i feel less fristion now, i use it like that since i bought it. So if someone...
  2. K

    Anyone who uses a Photo Viewer Pro?

    My friends uses other alternative like Photo Viewer Pro. Is this also a free and good in photo improvements? Any one who has tried it?
  3. S

    Competitive Gaming Team Emblem - $45

    Hello, My friends along with myself are wishing to take our skills in competitive gaming and like all pro teams they have an emblem that represents them and there name. We would grealty appreciate it if you gurus would help us in our dreams of an amazing competitive gaming emblem for our Team...
  4. C

    New member - 08 July 17

    Hi all, I'm Carl Bush from Atlantic Beach, FL. Recently retired after 30 years in the Navy (helicopter pilot). I started out as a CorelDRAW user (CD3 - 10) when I owned a PC. Purchased PS7 for Windows before making the switch to Mac. Currently using CS6 on a 2010 MacBook Pro (8GB RAM & 1TB...
  5. C

    After Effects Go pro Rendering

    Hi all Im very new to After Effects and need some help Iv recently been Go Karting and filmed it on my go pro at 1920 x 1080 p 60fps (file is about 3gb) Anyway iv added it to after effects and cut out the parts i didnt want. went to render it (setting i used was quicktime H.264 found this was...
  6. gedstar

    Windows 10 Home to Pro

    Just by chance I was able to upgrade my Windows 10 Home Edition to the Pro Edition for free :shocked: I recently purchased a new Laptop which came with a Windows 10 Home Edition OEM License, which is the standard for PC's and Laptops that you buy from the likes of HP, Dell and other...
  7. A


    I am new to this forum please any one guide me how to become a pro photoshoper
  8. Hoogle

    For Chris_designs as Ipad pro or SUrface Pro for digital art as I am here

    Ok so whilst I was in hospital I got obsessed with these colouring in books for adults, even now at final stages of Recovery I still do them as they distract me from the world and relax me but today I purchased a cool 1 that made me think of CHris. It is £1 well spent if you ask me. And for...
  9. Paul

    After Effects CS5 Premiere Pro videos

    I have been playing with Premier Pro for a few day old videos and editing of (trying to) can i save in anything other than the one format offered and if so how please?
  10. gedstar

    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Not sure if anybody has come across this before, but I'm actually amazed at what it can do to your brush stroke. Only started playing around with it and it's got plenty of features to play around with. Image below is me writing my name with a normal brush, as you can see it's not the best, but...
  11. Y

    Nik Plugins Take Forever To Load, help?

    Hi guys, I've got some trouble and am hoping I can get some help. (thanks in advance to anyone!) Background: Using CS5 for photo editing using Nik Plugins (primarily colorefexpro4) on 16-bit TIFF files that are 128mb each. My workflow is a bit convoluted, but I've always got the results I...
  12. K


    Name is Kagehi. Well, not my real name, but if you wanted that badly to find it, I am sure this name would link back to the real one. lol Few years back I ended up with a copy of Photoshop. Before that I used Paintshop Pro. Still getting used to some of the differences, but using it a lot more...
  13. IamSam

    New X-rite i1Display Pro Monitor calibrator.

    Now that I have my new calibrator, I want to see if it has helped. Since this image was the first to bring to my attention that my monitor needed some help, I thought I would stick with it to maintain consistency. Original This my latest change to the image after my calibration. Curves...
  14. J

    Tangled up in PS, Premier Pro and Bridge... Help

    Very New, Very green, Very old.. but very interested. I need to move a graphic (jpeg) into PS, change it to a PNG with a transparent background, and use it as a "graphic in text" in a Premiere Pro Title. So far, I know how to do all these steps... but then I got boxed in. When I open Bridge...
  15. richardrosenman

    3D Sphere PRO v2.0 released.

    Hey gang! I'm pleased to announce my 3D Sphere PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application. 3D Sphere PRO is a versatile plugin for Adobe Photoshop that generates 3D spheres. 3D Sphere PRO boasts a...
  16. O

    Hello every one

    Hello community, I am omi007. New member of this forum. beginner at adobe photoshop. If you help me I promise I can be pro. Thanks
  17. R

    Hi all

    New member here. Saying a hi to the community. Been using photoshop for quiet a while. Unfortunally not a pro at it at all. Reason why im here. Love to learn new techniques in PS. Oh..., before photoshop I was a pro with Ms Paint in Windows 95! hehe :)
  18. U

    Skin Edit

    Hey guys! Love this photo, but can someone make my back look more appealing, like smooth the bump out? Any PRO help would be awesome and appreciated!
  19. E


    Hi I Am Irma I am 43 Jears old and my Englisch is not so good I am from holland and i work meny jears whit paint shop pro but i want to no more about painter. greetings Irma
  20. Steve

    DXO Optics Pro 8 FREE

    DXO Optics Pro 8 is a RAW editor and not the most current version of the software but DXO is offering it as a free download if you're interested. I'm not familiar with this software but I downloaded and installed it and plan to play around with in over the next few days. If any of the...