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  1. P

    Paid Make the photo more professional

    This photo was taken by a phone camera, and I'm not very satisfied with the quality of it. there is also water steam from the waterfall that makes the photo and the colours even blurrier. is there a way to make the quality of the photo better/ more professional, as if it was from a travel...
  2. J

    Paid Background Swap $10

    I have two professional photos, one that I took with a mostly blank background (just has the American flag), and one I took with two flags in the background. I would like the two flags background moved so that sits behind the original photo that had the American flag background. I like that...
  3. A

    Specific I need help with my professional head shot

    Hello, I need to submit a professional headshot for a job I'm starting this summer. I didn't have access to a photographer, so I just took some photos of myself and was hoping you generous gurus would help me make them look more professional/better quality/what you would expect from a headshot...
  4. L

    Specific Change color of a tie

    Hello, first of all thank you for your help and for this awesome service! I am currently updating professional pictures and I would like to use the attached. However, in order to give it a more "sober" look, could someone please help me and change the tie color from striped golden to...
  5. R

    Photoshop Request to look like portrait

    Hi, I'd just like to get this photo edited to where teeth are slightly whiter, face is smoother, and just any enhancement to make the picture look like a professional portrait. Thanks!
  6. K

    Logo for my clinic

    Greetings Everyone. I am very new, but opening up with a request. I have several different versions of my logo posted below. I am looking to make it look more professional. I would like opaque as well as transparent versions of this. Also, I would like the text to look more professional...
  7. S

    help for modifying a pic

    Hey Guys... Need your help to turn my pic into a one with professional attire. Could anyone please bring on a dark navy blue professional coat over the shirt on pic and make the background light grey.. thanks in advance guys...
  8. T

    Hi from italy

    Hi from italy, it's been a while since my last time i "played" with photoshop (played of course, because i'm an not a professional eheh) ... i come here to learn a little and ask infos :)
  9. R

    Please make this photo look more professional

    Dear Members! Please make this photo look more professional (f.e. correct my skin, espcially on my face and around my nose) and please turn the whole picture into black and white! Could you also make my face darker and the baby's face brighter? So when someone looks at the picture, then it's...
  10. D

    Can anyone help me make my picture look professional?

    I took a photo of myself for my LinkedIn profile using my DSLR camera. However, I do not know how to professionally edit a picture using Photoshop. I tried editing my picture using some photo editing applications on my phone but it did not come out very well. I am hoping that you can help me...
  11. O

    Help with professional looking pictures

    I've recently started to sell some products online and its going OK for now. the company i use to sell my products has suggested i take professional photos of my items and have them clear and with a white background. i tried already and thought i had done alright but would really like a second...
  12. R

    Christmas photo

    Dear Members, I made this photo for christmas. Can somebody please fix the colors and lights, remove the visible tapes from the wall and the white writing from the baby's dress and make the whole photo look more professional? Thank you in advance!
  13. R

    [REQUEST] Need a logo for my clothing line

    Need a nice logo for my clothing line 'Real Black Mood' I will be very happy if someone makes a nice logo for me! Here are all the details:
  14. G

    Hello all

    Hi All Im George from Coventry UK. 50 odd and been using PS for, it seems, forever. Was a professional photographer for 30 years, mainly sport. Now its time to hang up my nikons and start something new.
  15. M

    Could you please edit my picture?

    Could you please get rid of the brightness on the right side on the face, remove the earring and change the background to make the picture more professional (maybe a blank white background). I would also appreciate it if you could adjust the colours etc to give an overall professional fee (what...
  16. 6

    Photoshop Request to Make Picture More "Professional"

    Could someone photoshop either of these images to look more professional? I'd like there to be no headphones visible, a more plain background, and the shirt to be just plain black or white. I have two image options in case the one with the hand is too difficult to photoshop. Thank you so so...
  17. B

    Headshot Request

    I am wanting the background of this head shot to be an off white color. I am going for the, "I went and had a professional picture taken" not "My son took a picture of me in my in-laws kitchen". lol
  18. R

    Hello from Estonia!

    I am new here but have used photoshop last 8 years and I have attended in photoshop courses. I am nature photographer and I am using photoshop for my artwork. I am not a professional photoshop user and I have still much to learn. I hope to do it on your site :). With Best Wishes Raptoom
  19. E


    I'm creative image editor. I'm here to share my professional experience in image editing.
  20. P

    Good books/other ways for learning professional Photoshop compositing?

    Hello, I've used these books so far for learning Photoshop compositing. Does anyone know similar or even better books/ways to learn professional Photoshop compositing? Thanks for any help. :)