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  1. A

    Hello fellow Photoshop Users!

    Hey everyone .. I am looking forward to communicating with other CS6 users, as I am self-taught and am just beginning to get into more depth with the program. I am a products developer for IMVU and want my products to look more professional once they are added to a 3D Mesh. I have been watching...
  2. E

    How can i copy this lighting effect? (Pic attached)

    Hi, i am a medium-level user on photoshop. How can I re-create this 'professional look' so that my personal images look more professionally lighted ? basically: the pic attached looks like its from a cover of a professional magazine, (like TIME or New Scientist). how does one achieve this...
  3. J

    need help on correct skin tone

    Dear all, i try to collect my model skin tone using curves, brush, saturation and lumbiance in camera raw however i still can't get the correct skin tone any professional out there can advise me on how can i get this going ? appreciate much. thank you.
  4. gautamz07

    translucent/gradient effect overlay

    Hey guys , i'am not sure if my title is right LOL . Please have a look at the below image : see those 3 images that have a orinange-gish effect , how was that effect created ? i know this is something really simple . but i just need to make it look professional , so just wanted to know...
  5. M


    Nighty! I'm a Photography student from Brazil with a Scandinavian heart and Oriental interests; image editing and creating is my new goal. I have been studying here and there the basics on my own, and now I am an intermediate aiming for professional. Hopefully I can be of help to the community...
  6. hershy314

    Where to start

    During my last visit home I was at my brother's house. While I was there playing with my nephews, my sister-in-law asked me if I would photograph the boys so she wouldn't have to pay a professional. I considered doing it since I am moving back to the area this spring. Problem though is I don't...
  7. nachofrades

    Two usefull links

    A color picker with multiple functions always on top, essential for me. The perfect texture store for free and professional use. It's only for informative purposes, it's not my bussiness :cool2:
  8. N

    i need this girl put on the fairing whare the box is.

    id like her to be looking slightly down generally inside the box. the back of her head to the right side of box and hair waving to left side of the box. this is for a wrap idea on my bike. adjust size as needed just want it to look good. its fine if some of her hair is in the hole
  9. M

    Mati Designs

    Hello , i'd like to share my designs, logos/signatures/banners etc.... :) Counter-Strike : Channel Art : Signatures: Web Designs : Logos :
  10. Balkan

    Make a Photo looks more proffessional (with tutorial)

    My first post on forum :) Before: After: How I made this? Very easy! You can do it too. Tutorial(youtube short link):
  11. R

    Need help making it look a little more professional

    Hello chaps, Have a quick look at my site so the top half im happy with but im trying to build up an image of me at my desk. Its looking a little amateurish and i was wondering if any one had any thoughts about giving it a more professional look. Any tips or tricks?
  12. malyo

    Looking for web design fundamentals (professional)

    Hello I've been through hundreds of pages, tutorials about web design. One of them is the step by step tutorial, building the website from 0 (well just template but doesn't really matter). The problem i meet with these kind of tutorials, is that they are not really explanatory, about...
  13. SHARK X

    professional retouching tutorial

  14. T

    $20 Reward for the best design! Please Help!

    Hey Guys, Hope you are all doing well. I am somewhat new to photoshop. I am working on a project that I need help with. ___________________________________________________________________ I am trying to create the word LAVA in all capital letters with each letter filled with lava. I also...