1. W

    Specific Can you please remove the fences. Thank you so much....

    Hi, can you please remove the fences behind me. If you can help me out, it will be really kind of you. Thanking you so much.
  2. M

    Specific Can someone remove my nose/septum ring, but make it look natural?

    Hello! I want to use this image of me in the gold dress for professional uses but I have my nose ring on in it! I just want it edited out naturally and so it doesn’t look edited, if anyone has the time and wouldn’t mind. I would greatly appreciate it! I will add a picture(s) of me without my...
  3. B

    Specific Remove nose ring

    Hello! Will someone please remove my nose ring in this photo? It is supposed to be somewhat professional and the ring really throws it off. Thank you!
  4. C

    Specific Character removal

    Please remove her from the picture. I need the space for a diffrent person :)
  5. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  6. 0Naught4Nothing0

    Specific A semi-complicated edit!

    Would it be at all possible to remove two of the girls in this picture, (the middle and left ones respectively), and edit back in the little boy's shirt? Any responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. S

    Specific Help with a removal:)

    Hey there! :) So in this picture I am requesting if someone could removal the man in the background with the grey jacket on and dog. It would be extremely appreciated! Thank you ahead ! :)
  8. L

    Specific Help Remove Boy In Photo

    Hi there. Sorry for the burden but can someone please take this boy and his belongings out of my child’s group photo? The one in the center. Thank you all so much.
  9. T

    Specific Remove things from background?

    They're pretty small but it just annoys me. See the second pic for specifics, which I'd like to get removed Thanks !!
  10. T

    Specific Please remove the lamp post?

    Hi, could someone remove the lamp post and the signs attached to it in front of the house, middle of the pic? Much appreciated for any help, thanks!
  11. J

    Specific Please remove the trash bin?

    Hey, Please, could someone remove the trash bin in the lower center of the picture, on the pathway. It's kinda small but there are two trash bins in the picture, ignore the bluish one on the left, I'm just gonna crop it out, but could someone please remove the one on the right ?? Thanks.
  12. T

    Specific Remove small details from skyline?

    Hi, I have a pic of NYC skyline would like some details removed from them. I have included the original picture (1) and a pic where I show the details I would like to have off (2). 1) Original 2) See the marks So basically if anyone could remove - the yellow boat - the two things in the...
  13. T

    Specific Need people removed from 3 pictures?

    Hi everyone, I have three pictures that would require people to be removed. I've put them in order of how challenging it might be (?) lol. Much appreciation to anyone who bothers with these. Some notes: 1) For the Seville picture, obviously just the small people in the background 2) The small...
  14. J

    Specific Could someone remove the people from the pic?

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone managed to remove the people in this picture; especially the three in front. If anyone could try to get them all out so that I'll have it as a clear landscape picture, that would be AMAZING. Much appreciation to anyone who wants to try out! Thanks!
  15. T

    Specific Can someone remove bird poop..?

    So I got this nice picture from Times Square and there's just some damn unfortunate bird poop in the picture (check the red markings on the second picture). Can someone just remove them all together and try to make that part more clean? Thank you very much!
  16. P

    Photoshop help again please!

    I need to write the background for the main antagonist now, here is the reference image What i need changed to the reference is picture is the removal of all the white 'eye' emblems (on her shoulders, chest, and face), the removal of the 'horn' on her head so that it's just a smooth plain...
  17. T

    Photo removal and replacement individual [$10]

    Please photoshop me (asian guy) into this picture of my girlfriends family at the beach Please adjust my body to the shadow from the umbrella and proportion my body to match the rest of the people in the picture. If possible make it as realistic as possible in which it looks as if I was in the...
  18. M


    Hey! I love this picture-- but not digging the unsightly roll on the ride side of my body. Could someone help me smooth that out? Lol :) thanks guys.
  19. M

    Photoshop Tiara Removal Request

    Hey could someone help remove the tiara from my head please ? Thanks.
  20. U

    Photo removal and replacement

    Hi! New here in the forum. I just need your help editing these pictures. Can you please remove the first two guys on the left and replace the woman's picture with mine? The guy on the far right wearing blue shirt would be retained and please add my picture beside him. So it would look like it's...