remove a person

  1. S

    Specific Funny request -Add legs

    Hey there! I'm pretty short. So there's this girl who I'm seeing. She said that she only dates 6 foot guys. So, I'm asking you to add 4 more legs:giggle:. Replicate my legs maybe. Make it from 2 to 6. Whatever looks better,6 foots or 6 legs, your wish. Thanks! Also remove the ladies if you can...
  2. M

    Specific Remove person behind me in the background

    Hi everyone! I would like to have removed the person in the bright red shirt right behind me. I've been trying to retouch the photo on my own but it was so hard to clone and fix the ground in order to respect the geometry of the stones. So I really need the help of an expert! If possibile i...
  3. T

    Paid Remove person in background

    Looking to remove the man on the left (the one not smiling) in the background of this photo.
  4. T

    Paid Remove the guy from picture

    Hello, I'd like to remove the male from this picture and use it as a profile picture. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. A

    Specific Removing a person

    Can someone please remove the woman in the white shirt right next to the smiling subject? Thank you in advance!
  6. M

    Specific Please remove a person from photo

    Hi all, I’m new here and would like some help if possible. I lost my mom to cancer and have very few pictures of her. Could you please remove the tall girl from this picture and even out the wall where she was? The picture is also a little blurry - is there any way to retouch them and make...
  7. S

    Specific Help with a removal:)

    Hey there! :) So in this picture I am requesting if someone could removal the man in the background with the grey jacket on and dog. It would be extremely appreciated! Thank you ahead ! :)
  8. Zintius

    Specific please remove that guy

    hey i really like that chalkboard but that guy is blocking it can you please remove him
  9. C

    Specific Remove a person from this photo?

    Hello! This might be tricky as we are standing so close together, there are shadows involved, and I'm missing an arm (I'm not sure how you would get around that issue!) But is anyone able to remove my female friend from this photo? It's probably not easily done but if anyone could help, I...
  10. W

    Specific Can anyone remove the guy on the left? Thanks in advance!

    Hello! :) I'm interested in removing the guy on the left, that's all. Thanks in advance! :giggle:
  11. T

    Suggestions on how to remove girl

    I think I have tried every help I could find on the net but still cant remove girl from this similar coloured background. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. S

    Please could someone help me by removing the girl from this photo

    Please could someone remove the girl from this photo, happy for you to crop it further if need be as wish to use as a profile picture. Many thanks for any help you can give.