1. B

    Photo Edit Request ($10)

    I have a photo request but didn't put it in free request section because I don't want to upload the picture publically. Essentially the problem is a man's fist is blurred - probably because he moved it while the picture was being taken. Is there ANYWAY this can be fixed at all it's really...
  2. T

    Please help with my photo

    Hello I got one photoshop request! First I want to say that I am sorry for my bad english. So my request is that I want to ask you can you remove one shoulder of a guy in my engagement photo? I will send you two photos. On the one of the photo I draw a circle to mark which shoulder I want to...
  3. M

    Help required.

    Hi Guys. Just wondering could anyone have the time to make me something similar to this image I don't need any images or graphics in the Pic. I just want to recreate the curved line effect if possible. I've tried recreating using the pen tool but my Photoshop knowledge is not that great...
  4. P

    Request Mad Max style

    Hello guys, I'm here with a request, if you read it, it might like the idea too. Basically, can someone change "warboys" for "valhalla" with the same font and details? I don't know how to use photoshop and I'm affraid that is extremely hard to learn and do it for myself due to the lack of time...
  5. P

    Easy Photo Request

    Hi, this is my first request. I need to remove the big "preview" watermark in the center and the small one on the top, im making this request because this is for a gift to my girlfriend.
  6. C

    Forum Signature

    Hey guys so I'm looking for a Signature for any Forum! If anyone decides to help, my request is that it be a pinup theme. I love pinup art in all its aspects. I haven't had to request a forum Sig in a long time so if there is anything I missed then please let me know. The max size i can do is...
  7. J

    Photo shop request.

    Hi guys, Could someone please remove that kids arm on the right side of the photo that is sticking up the two fingers? I would really appreciate it. My best friend in the photo passed away and would like to have this photo for the memorial but want to have that arm removed. Also, i was also...
  8. N

    Please improve the clarity of photos

    These pictures are to be sent for paper publication but due to some lack of data i was not able to get original pictures of same. They are colored but dull and blurred as what I want are sharp and clear pictures. I kindly request you to transform this colored blurr graphs to black and white...
  9. M

    Mr Blobby Request

    Hi everyone, Thanks for considering my request! Hopefully got a fun one for some photoshoppers from the UK. Could someone please photoshop Mr Blobby (UK 1990s gameshow character) in place of me (the white guy). Many thanks
  10. E

    Photoshop request: remove extrange color from picture

    Hello! I have downloaded this free photo. I want to use it in a brochure, but I realized that there are some weird grey lines in front of the tower. Can you remove them? I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. S

    Photoshop Request

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone can help me with this small request, I'm just terrible at photoshop so any help with amazing. I would like to get the girl from the picture in front of Everest, I've included a pic of Everest but if you find a picture of everest that is easier to work with than feel...
  12. M

    Photoshop Tiara Removal Request

    Hey could someone help remove the tiara from my head please ? Thanks.
  13. B

    Can someone help me with a small project please ?

    Ok so in my communication class we have to make a presentation for an ad. We need to draw/photography/photoshop an ad. I cant do anything so I'm asking you to please help me ! It's pretty simple, I need to represent in two pictures side by side a car leaving a kid behind and a car leaving a dog...
  14. A

    How to edit photographs like this

    Hello everyone. This is my very first post and I hope I am posting my request in the correct section of this forum. I have a very strange request and have been searching all the internet for some answers and came out without any luck I am trying to edit my fashion photography in this style...
  15. F

    Godfather proposal request

    Hi guyz! In order to ask a close friend to become the godfather of our baby, we would like to offer him a gift: the poster of movie The Godfather with his face on Marlon Brando body. We have no problem to add/modify text on the poster using MS Paint (don't hit the pregnant woman, you cowards!)...
  16. K

    Request color change

    If you can to change the green with red.
  17. S

    Facebook Cover Photo Request

    Hi, looking for a kind soul to help me out. I'm after depicting a Retro Shed, by that I mean a shed of some sorts probably slightly cartoony with Retro Games Consoles and Games spilling out of it. Im in the UK so would be looking for Pal variants of Nintendo Entertainment Sysytems, Super...
  18. P

    Add word to logo request

    Mods, if the is not an appropriate request or place to post this, please remove or move it. Hello PS Gurus, Is it possible to add .com to my logo below in the same font, shadow and angle under the words TrikeTalk? Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the font used. If it can be done...
  19. D

    Can anyone help me make my picture look professional?

    I took a photo of myself for my LinkedIn profile using my DSLR camera. However, I do not know how to professionally edit a picture using Photoshop. I tried editing my picture using some photo editing applications on my phone but it did not come out very well. I am hoping that you can help me...
  20. G

    Photoshop request!

    Hi there! I was hoping someone could help me change the number on my back to 1383... thank you very much!!