1. P

    Add word to logo request

    Mods, if the is not an appropriate request or place to post this, please remove or move it. Hello PS Gurus, Is it possible to add .com to my logo below in the same font, shadow and angle under the words TrikeTalk? Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the font used. If it can be done...
  2. D

    Can anyone help me make my picture look professional?

    I took a photo of myself for my LinkedIn profile using my DSLR camera. However, I do not know how to professionally edit a picture using Photoshop. I tried editing my picture using some photo editing applications on my phone but it did not come out very well. I am hoping that you can help me...
  3. G

    Photoshop request!

    Hi there! I was hoping someone could help me change the number on my back to 1383... thank you very much!!
  4. C

    Photoshop request

    Hello is anyone out there able to photoshop the can out this persons hand for me please? Thank you
  5. R

    Very easy request

    I have a picture of my sitting down lying back with my palms on the lawn and I'd like someone to put me on the stairs of a mansion
  6. O

    request for photoshop: replace middle airplane in formation replaced by the 747

    Hi everybody, I have another request if possible! as (another) present to a collegue who is retiring i would like to have the 747 (right picture) fitted instead of the big airplane in the middle of the first picture. Would be great if someone has the time to do that! Thanks a lot...
  7. S

    im really bad at editing

    hello, i need someone to add a dark grey (#424949) backround to this, tried doing it in microsoft paint but alot of "white pixels" left and they are hard to remove for someone like me (i have no experince what so ever in editing) and please, put it in the middle and and dont make it too big...
  8. D

    Natty Ice Logo

    Could somebody please edit the text in this logo?? I want it to say "Cape" instead of natural and "2017 instead of ice. This is probably a tough request. :thumbsup:
  9. C

    (Request) could someone clean this up for me?

    Hello, could someone clean this up for me? And if possible make it look like a basic cartoon! If not I understand.
  10. H

    Need help with face swap

    hey everyone, anyone able to help me with a face swap for 2 pics? would be very appreciate if someone can help me out with this simple job. Thanks! request: swapping the B face to the A face. I just want the one with pink. And please edit the body skin colour as I notice it is not matching...
  11. D

    Is this request possible?

    Can someone remove the earbuds that I am wearing in this photo? thanks much appreciated.
  12. R

    Request for restoration and sharpening of photo

    please sharpen this photo
  13. C

    Can someone please edit those wedding photos?

    Hey Community, I got a request for you guys :) I would be pleased if someone can help me out My girlfriend and me were on a wedding. It was quite fun! A Photographer took some photos of us. But I dont like my wrinkle/crease in my suit (pic 1-3). Is it possible to flatten/remove that, so it...
  14. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #7 CC 2015.5.1 Layer Thumbnail

    I'll not say how I got into this situation (yet)....suffice to say I shouldn't be able to....right? (And no, it's not been 'shopped' either!) Check out the layer thumbnail. More bugs in CC 2015.5.1....? (Note that's a question, not a request) it just me? Can anyone else replicate...
  15. O

    Request - I need a profile picture / avatar. Majestic lion xD

    Hey guys, I really need a new profile picture / avatar. I want a drawing of a lion, possibly roaring. It's really up to you. I want the lion to have a crown if possible. I have posted a few images of what I use at the moment and I love these photos. But I want to mix it up. I want the...
  16. P

    Easy photoshop request please

    Hello, i have this picture of my girlfriend, but the toilet paper and the both towels, the one on the floor and the one on the wall doesnt look good, is it possible to remove them? if it is complicated just remove the toilet papers but if possible do both, please, and thanks a lot! :)
  17. N

    Can you make an oil painting for me please?

    I have an image in high res that I saw used to make an oil painting picture. I love the oil painting version but haven't been able to find a digital copy of it. I took a pic of the oil painting with my camera phone and have attached it here along with the high-res copy of the original picture...
  18. R

    Easy Crop Photoshop Request

    Hey, my friend needed someone to make him look like a giant. I snapped 2 photos, one is of him and the other one is of a museum/castle we went to and he wants to look like he's stepping on the castle. Its pretty easy but too tough for me I was wondering if anybody could crop him out and put him...
  19. E

    Photoshop request

    Please photoshop this to make it look like I'm holding a peace sign. Thanks
  20. A

    Weird and funny request

    Hi all! I have a weird request. On the wall behind my buddies here could I have in graffiti style the statement 'Daniel Day-Lewis Is The Poor Man's Nic Cage' - in large enough writing to be legible. Thanks so much in advance!!