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  1. L

    [request] tattoo on background of white

    I've been wanting this tattoo on a background of white for some time now and since I am uncapable of doing it myself I have came with the request of one of you making this. Here is the base picture on the far right there should be a perfect view. Thanks in advance.
  2. J

    [REQUEST] iPhone GIF

    Hey guys.. Could you please make a GIF for me. Have no idea how to make them :'( Using this image. ( Could you please remove the screens on the iPhones and then replace them...
  3. S

    [Request] Photoshop - Just a quick one (hopefully!)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could put a head on a body? I need one of these heads, to be in the background below and replace the other head in the photo. The final image doesn't need to be very big, minimum 5cm x 5cm Please try make it as realistic as possible! You can use either...
  4. A

    [Request] Photoshop me with Hitler, Gaddafi, Saddam & Bin Laden.

    Can someone photoshop Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Hitler and Saddam In this pic? I want it to look as Im just chillin' by the pool with them Im the guy in shorts, make it funny :P (couldn't add link...just join the http code to the...
  5. A

    [Request] From What I've Seen It'll Probably Be A Piece Of Cake For You All

    These are 5 patches. The first 4 were professionally made by some artist in a game studio. The fifth was made by a friend of mine who isn't very good at photoshop. Some background; These emblems are for different teams in a video game. Neptune (SEALs), Wolfpack (Delta Force), Rangers, and...
  6. G

    Request for Help - Lines aren't black

    Hi, I have a small project which I am working on for a local gymnastics club that my girl is a member of. I was asked to redesign there club logo. I have something they like but I am having a problem. They need the lines in the lines in the body of the gymnast to be black. They are...
  7. J

    Can someone help me Photoshop these two pictures.

    Can someone glue this guys face into the driver of the car. I have a lot of clients and I can't seem to get this guy right. Can someone make this picture really really good almost realistic. Thanks a bunch.
  8. K

    [request] Custom 350x350 avatar

    I am a Photoshop user... but under current circumstances i really don't have the ability too create anything... could make me a small custom avatar with red fish on it? you will have my gratitude ~Falon