1. K

    [request] Custom 350x350 avatar

    I am a Photoshop user... but under current circumstances i really don't have the ability too create anything... could make me a small custom avatar with red fish on it? you will have my gratitude ~Falon
  2. S

    Request thread/forum

    I suggest a Request thread/forum where someone can request a banner/logo/design or anything. As much as I think, to keep the spam less you should create a thread and all topics regarding requests should be deleted. This will be more helpful and less spamful.
  3. A

    REQUEST: Help with watermark and resizing b&w photos!

    can someone please PLEASE help me remove the watermark from these photos?? if this is NOT something i should be posting, i will quickly exeunt. if it is something worth looking at, i would love to see the finished product/hang the images in my room. i just LOVE these pictures and i can't justify...
  4. O

    Photoshop Request

    Hey guys I am trying to figure out how I can photoshop this sweat stain out of my underarm. My friend said he couldn't do it because of the stripes in my shirt, so if someone could show him up, I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. B

    Request ~ Lighthouse Ouyt of this logo

    Hey Guys One simple request . i've tried tracing this light house and making new layers buyt nothings working. Can some one please take the light house ot of this logo please ( put it on a black backgrounf blow it up a little . ) Any assistance is great thank you.!!
  6. M

    photoshop request please help

    hello everyone basicly i am a complete fail on photo shop so i kindly ask if someone could photo shop a pic of my car but change the colour of the wheel from the hidouis blue to white and or black and any other colour that would look nice thank you very much in advance
  7. Paul

    Request information please.

    I have seen somewhere a way to rotate the clone stamp eye so that you can line up clones around curves etc, does anyone know how to do it please. Thanks:)
  8. M

    Request: Help with tattoo

    Hi all. I had a very good experience the first time i did a request on the forum, so this time i hope for the same kindness :) Ive decided to get a new tattoo, and i have a cupple of ideas, the problem is that im not that creative so i hope that some of you can help me. its on my arm, and it...