1. R

    large image onto small image goes out of focus, windows shrink after any manipulation of image

    I did use CS6 which now won't open and I have had to go to a trial version of CC. I have a 10" image that I have just pulled over to a 4" image of a shirt. I have done this a 100 times in CS6. The larger image free transformed as always to fit the shirt is now utterly out of focus. Why? This...
  2. T

    More resizing needed

    Hi, I need more images resizing please. I think maybe they need converted into square photos? I am again trying to upload these to my instagram. Sorry for my stupidity with all this stuff. Hope someone can help.
  3. T

    images resizing

    I am new on this site, I just really need a few images resizing to 1080 by 1080 or less!
  4. A

    Resizing Blending Options Tab

    Hey, new to this website. I was just wondering if there was anyway to resize this "blending options" tab. There's no resizing arrows on the side of it. It'd be much easier to use if I was able to see the image as I was using blending options on it. Thanks.
  5. Pipsmom

    Resizing worries

    I've just started making a special imagine for Christmas to use as my signature on a dog forum that I moderate. That project being hard enough for this Newby ........I'm panicking already that I won't be able to resize it to the permitted size permitted there ( 300x200) that will include all of...
  6. E

    Resizing a psd

    when i resize a psd circles in it the circles sides get deformation how can i resize without deformation?
  7. D

    there's got to be an easier way - sizing pictures

    I'm wondering if I'm making more work for myself than needed. I have a bunch of pictures that are the same shape but not the same size. I'm cropping and scaling over and over to get them to the size needed. It's simply taking me to long. They have to be the same size because they are going...
  8. E

    Batch resizing to a specific dimension

    I have lots of images that I need to re-size to a dimension of 790x633. The important thing is to not corrupt them or do any weird stretching. Some of my pics r smaller n some r bigger than the dimensions i desire n have different aspect ratios. For example these images below: 850x900...
  9. pslane

    Illustrator combining several shapes into one shape

    I have an object that is made up of several small shapes. I know how to group it but how do I combine it permanently? It needs resizing and every time I try this, the separate objects go out of line. Thanks. pslane
  10. F

    High resolution picture on low resolution big monitor

    Hi! I have a dilemma with a high resolution picture that I want to use on a large screen. The problem is the screen has a low resolution which seem to distort the picture sometimes. Also I would like to zoom in the picture. The monitor is a 47 inch HP LD4720tm sporting a 1,920 by 1,080...
  11. A

    Logo needs resizing or re-doing

    My logo needs to be resized so it can be put on a car door. It needs to be very large so can be seen clearly. The logo was made for me a long time ago by a family member who is no longer with us. I have tried doing it...I am photoshop self taught...but have had no luck. Another member said...
  12. B

    How to Resize an image and have the least quality loss?!

    Hi dear friends, I need your kind help with resizing images. I use Image Size for decreasing an image size. But it seems to decrease its quality a lot! Is there any way to enhance its quality or keep it's quality in resizing process?? Thanks & Regards Bobi Dada
  13. M

    PS Puzzle - Sizing & Actions, please help!

    Hi everyone, Really got myself into a sticky corner... if anyone can help, it would be gratefully appreciated! I basically want to make an action so that I can automate a batch which will make the images the same size, place on a watermark and save for web - sounds simple. However... my...
  14. C

    How To Resize A Selection!!

    One of the best tips I learned was learning to resize a selection, so I made a short video tutorial showing how to do this, check it out below if you are interested. I hope you found this useful!
  15. N

    Resizing a vector mask with feather

    Hi guys! This particular thing has me stumped and maybe you can help :) I have a vector shape, for example a circle with a feather of 5px and I want to scale up the entire image. When I increase the image size, the feather on the shape doesn't scale with it and stays at 5px. This is extremely...
  16. D

    Resizing an image in CS3 - seems very small !

    Hi Guys This is my first post. I am using CS3 fro about 2 years now on and off. I have an image that is 1700 pixels wide and I want to put it on my website at 240 pixels wide. On screen the image is about 4 inches (10cm wide) If I resize the image to 240 pixels, the resulting image on screen...
  17. A

    Resizing to Specific Dimensions

    Hi, guys! I'm trying to resize well over several thousand images to certain dimensions for thumbnails, enhanced images, and etc. for my website. I've tried using Photoshop's "fit to image" and "canvas" size to no avail. For example, if a picture I'm resizing is around, let's say, 1500x1200...
  18. B

    Need advice resizing pictures and saving selection

    Hi I take pictures of new employes and publish them to our intranet. Every time I take the picture from same distance and with same camera. I import the picture to Photoshop Elements 8.0 and resize it from 2592x4608 pixels to 800x1422 and then i make a rectangular selection that only shows...
  19. S

    PHOTOSHOP Tutorial #4- RESIZING an Image (for Beginners)!!

    A Basic Tutorial to RESIZE an IMAGE without losing Quality. Photoshop Skill Level - BEGINNERS. This is my Part 4 of the Photoshop Tutorial series of videos.:)