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PS Puzzle - Sizing & Actions, please help!


New Member
Hi everyone,

Really got myself into a sticky corner... if anyone can help, it would be gratefully appreciated!

I basically want to make an action so that I can automate a batch which will make the images the same size, place on a watermark and save for web - sounds simple.

However... my canvas size needs to be 960x1536px. My images are all different sizes and need to fit into this. The only way I have found to do this without having to transform manually, is to create a new canvas and then file>place the pic in, this way it always fits to the aspect ratio without distortion or manually fitting it in. I then carry on with the rest of my action. Although, the problem with this is 2 things - 1st, because I'm creating a new doc and placing, the document name is untitled when ideally, I want it to be called the same as the placed file name (they are all saved as item numbers, and don't want to have to trawl through thousands at the end renaming them all back to their item numbers) and secondly, doing this file>new part and placing doesn't seem to work when you automate batch. I find it either asks me each time which file I want to place in even though I have selected the folder I want it to go through (seems to make the 'automate' part pointless if I am selecting each one each time). I have a few different things, like having the canvas there already and missing that part of the action, but then it piles up the images all onto that one canvas!

So, normally I guess most people when do this would just open the file, resize the canvas and then resize the image. I could of course make this the action (it would solve the problem of the file name as it would save the jpeg with the item number of the file i opened) although, to keep the image to the correct ratio, I have to pick for it to go by either 960 wide (and whatever relatively it picks for height) or vice versa, which isn't going to work for me as some images are tall and skinny and other are really wide.

Without going on and confusing anyone reading this further -
Ideally what I want, is a shortcut which is going to resize my image into the canvas without distortion or manual resizing. Maybe this doesn't exist but seems to me that if photoshop can do it when you place an image into a canvas, why can't it do it when the image is already there and not placing it in.

Has anyone had the same problem? Can anyone help me?? Pleease?
If it's not possible then I have days and days of manual resizing of thousands of images which I'm not looking forward to...