1. J

    can someone edit double chin?

    can someone please try and get rid of the chin on the phone gir l
  2. T

    Photoshop edit please? Removing unwanted objects

    I was just wondering if anybody can photoshop this to get rid of the 2 Letters in the curtain.:question: Letters "D" and "S". I would appreciate it.
  3. A

    I need someone to Photoshop this, please.

    Can some please get rid of the fake looking pistol and put in a realistic looking one and get rid of the yellow background?
  4. C

    Sun burn

    Hello, could someone please make the persons skin colour on the left softer (get rid of the red sunburnt skin) thank you
  5. A

    double chins problem :(

    Please fix it
  6. D

    Getting white surround on PS document

    Hi Everyone, I was using the paint bucket at the time and somehow managed to color the surround area of the PS document. This white surround is coming up on all my documents now and I cannot seem to get rid of it, I've tried changing the workspace but that doesn't do anything. I've attached a...
  7. C

    Remove assistive touch button please x

    Hey, hopefully this isn't too difficult but I don't have any idea how to go about getting rid of it lol, any help appreciated
  8. A

    Not sure what this is or how to get rid of it??

    I don't know what this thing is but it somehow got on my psd, I'm not sure when, but now I can't get rid of it? It only goes away when I use the move tool, I would really appreciate some help!
  9. N

    Edit out the square

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could edit out the assistive touch that over the red case on my computer. I was also wondering if you there was anyway to get rid of the square number up at the top? Thank you so much!
  10. N

    New Photoshop CC opening files in weird way

    Hi, normally when I used CS6, all of my files whether it was a FILE > NEW or a copy and paste into a new file, opened a normal, new size with my rulers on top. This new CC version is driving me CRAZY. RANDOMLY it opens ok, and then HALF THE TIME my files open like this: ATTACHED. Just a...
  11. C

    How much can you change in Photoshop?

    Hi guys, I just had some family portraits taken and they look fantastic except for my hair. Quite superficial I know, but they were expensive and I don't want to redo the whole shoot if I don't have to. I was just wondering how much can be changed in Photoshop? I know it's possible to get rid...
  12. K

    Get rid of the Fuzzyness

    Around the borders of the blue lines you can see the fuzziness. Anyone know how to get rid of this because I have spent hours at no avail. It should be all smooth but I can't figure it out.
  13. W

    Windows 10 upgrade -- Files in Explorer have "X"?

    So after upgrading to Windows 10, and opening up Windows Explorer, there is this Grey "X" on top of all of my files. What is that "X" and how can I get rid of them? Thanks!
  14. E

    Reflections and Hair Edits

    Okay, I admit. I could come up with a much better title than the one I put, but frankly I don't actually know what to call what I did. I was watching a tutorial on sunglasses reflections and though, "Hey this is cool. Let's try it!". The random picture I picked ended up irritating me in a way...
  15. M

    Hidden Channels

    I suddenly foot problem with that the layers get non-editable. I have to double click on them and then that one I clicked on get editable, but if I leave it and edit another and then go back I have to do same same.... I get this message if I try to edit any layer: "Could not use the type tool...
  16. G

    Help Getting Rid of Jagged Edge

    Hi, I have this banner which I have been asked to get rid of the jagged edge on the curved line in the middle of the banner (between the photos and the top of the banner. Please see the attached image. I am not sure how to go about this. Do I trace a path along the existing curve and then...
  17. F

    Request - Get rid of background color

    Hi, Would someone be able to help me get rid of the background color in this illustration. I am new to photoshop or any other program for that matter. Did try to laso it, that didn't work. I need the middle baroque only.
  18. T

    Can someone get rid of the background of this image and replace it.. continued

    Hey I have a picture, and I would like the background of the image removed so that it looks like a typical sort of passport photograph It is low quality - taken off a webcam. It is a SMALL picture.
  19. N

    Getting rid of partially transparent pixels?

    Hi everyone. I know this is an age-old problem, however the common solutions to it don't apply in my situation. I have an image (of many layers) which are mostly solid colour, and solid alpha. 1-bit alpha, which is exactly what i want. However there are a few parts which are slightly blurry...