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  1. N

    70% opacity file: how do I save for the web

    I am creating a background for a web image that is straightforward: 70% opacity rectangle. It can't be 100% opaque I tried the 'Save for Web' option and saving into a .jpg and .gif format and it's making the image loose this key 70% opacity. What's a way to save this?
  2. Windows7

    Why can i not save next file to norma JPEG or PNG?????

    Hey guys, It's weird BUT.. i just played around with "curves" and stuff.. and then tried to save it as an normal "JPEG" so NOT "JPEG 2000" or something.. BUT i just can't save it as a normal JPEG and when i try to save it as a "jpeg 2000" then it asks me about settings and stuff which i don't...
  3. W

    How to save a picture to the original fieltype/quality?

    Okay, I am an absolute and utter newbie in image editing. But I've started using more images in my video work, so I need to start learning. I'm confused about the simple act of saving. I have a .jpeg image from my camera that I opened in Photoshop and simply removed the red eye. That was...
  4. K

    ca someone save me from pulling out my hair :~)

    hey guys so i paid n downloaded some templates thinking they would be easy to use,,, a week later and am ready to pull my hair out,, i either loose pic or i change the colour of everything when i try to use it,, so i was hoping if i post the links to my file what templates in and the photos i...
  5. Windows7

    Save a filesize like you see it..

    Hi, Sometimes i make for example a badge/pic but it's too big and i zoom out with "ctrl+ -"and then i see the size i actually like so i want to save it like that.. but still it saves it like in the format i opened a new project.. is it possible to save it in the size like you zoomed in/out?