1. C

    Photoshop trying to save images to 100 x 100

    I set up a photoshop action last night to resize and save a batch of png files this worked ok however it gave two copies of each image for some reason which was not a big issue for me however when I try and save a png file today it is trying to resize it upon save to 100 x 100 pixels, I just...
  2. C

    Actions Editing Actions

    I have built the attached Action. The SAVE records the Folder in use during construttion. I would like to uee this Action on any folder of mages. Is there any way to make the Save a general save so that the action saves to whatever folder Iam using? This has een driving me nuts!!!!
  3. U

    Remove background transparent PNG

    Hiya guys. Im at work today and have no access to Photoshop. Can someone please remove the white background from the attached image and save as a PNG for me. Please keep the white squares from the checkered flag :-) Thanks Ben
  4. C

    Strange grainy effect when I save a retouched photo...Help Please

    Hi, I would really appreciate any help. I'm retouching photos and whenever I save a file.. the image looks a little strange compared to the original... it looks kind of grainy and off. In the attachments I have with this post... the left image is the edit and the right image is the original to...
  5. H

    Photoshop save action

    Hello ,couldnt find the answer ,mby just blind. So I got (for example) an book page ,must select 1 letter and save as the png with name (for example) image-001 ,then select second letter and save as image-002, I got an action to the point of saving but then cant find how to make it automate the...
  6. Paul

    After Effects CS5 Premiere Pro videos

    I have been playing with Premier Pro for a few day old videos and editing of (trying to) can i save in anything other than the one format offered and if so how please?
  7. N

    Laggy & crashy computer/photoshop

    I really am not sure what is going on, but it seems to be related to files. The first time it happened was when I was working on an especially large file around 1gb and suddenly the whole computer started to lag to the point I was barely able to save it, mouse would barely move (refreshing every...
  8. G

    Can't save my files...

    Can't save my work (PSD) - I keep getting a message: "could not save (file name) because the file is in use or left open". I made sure no other program is using the file, restarted PS, the computer (MacBook Pro) but the problem persist. I have to save periodically using Save As and use a new...
  9. G

    Illustrator Problems with "save for the web" and Facebook upload

    Hi, I've just uploaded in a Facebook page the image in the attachment. In Illustrator the image looks perfect. When I save it for web or I upload it to Facebook, quality goes down. I know that a loss of quality is normal, but the image quality is very poor. Size is the right one, I tried to...
  10. T

    Creating 3 resized images from 1 file, and saved in same location.

    I am trying to create an automated way to take 1 RAW, and save 3 resized jpgs in the same location. I am having trouble with file name over writing issues within the action. Should I create 3 individual Actions, and then make a way for an image/batch process to play them simultaneously? Or is...
  11. B

    Automatic crop 4 photos from a scan

    Hello Does anyone know a photoshop or gimp plugin that can automatically detect photos from a scanned page and crop and save them as new images? Exactly: I have scanned old photographs. I always have put 4 of them onto the A4 scanner. Now it is a lot of work to open all these scans and select...
  12. R

    Alinging and saving

    I am doing some before and after shots for my website. I want the images to be properly aligned so I exported from LR as layers into CS6. I can auto align the layers but can't figure out how to save as two separate images and not even sure if I am doing this correctly. As always suggestions...
  13. R

    Actions Photoshop CS Actions

    Hello, I have PSD files that contain dozens of screen captured images in each one. Is there a way where I can create an ACTION that will: flatten the PSD Save the file as a JPG #1 unflatten chose the next layer and flatten 6 save the new as image #2 repeat this for the next 9 layers. Leaving...
  14. D

    Save Groups to JPG

    First time posting! I have a PSD with multiple Groups to create Google Ads for various products. I use the same Call to Action, Background, and Logo and they sit in their own group. Each other group has the product picture, text, and price. Is there a way to automate the saving of these...
  15. D

    How to save a GIF cinemagraph?

    What are the steps to save save a GIF cinemagraph? - I am a noob at GIFs. The GIFs I have are made with one main image (the first one), and then the next 150 frames are of what little motion there is in the image. What I am getting is a quick flash of the main image, then just the masked...
  16. F

    CS6 "Save For Web" Not Prompting For Filename/Location, etc

    Hi, Consider the following workflow(Windows Environment): 1.Open Photoshop 2. File ---> Open a raw file "1234.CR2" from Folder1 (opens in ACR, click "Open Image" button to xfer to PS) 3. File ---> Save As, when the dialog opens, create a new folder, "Folder2" inside Folder1, save the file...
  17. I

    download help

    I have been installing Design Standard from the Adobe site. After I download I am asked to run or save. I choose save and then I am prompted to pick a program to open the downloaded file. I choose Photoshop, the file on the desktop turns into a PS icon and then it runs. But why am I being asked...
  18. gautamz07

    avaoid popup when batch resizing

    Hey guys , i am running a batch action on a folder , now i have a action recorded. When i have my "override actions save as commands" unchecked (whiich is what i want) , see screenshot below : I get a save popup as below for each image that saves : now thats quite bugging , how do i...
  19. Z

    I need suggestion on how to divide an image into multiple files

    I have multiples PSD files (4000px wide x 24000 px tall) that I need to divide evenly into 6 segments (4000 x 4000 each) and save each segment into its own jpg. I have set guides for that already. Right now I am doing the following: 1. Flatten the image 2. Crop each segment by snapping to...
  20. V

    "Cannot save because disk is full" but disk is not full

    I am working on a large 2gb tiff panorama. I have saved it plenty of times before. After doing some work today, I went to save it and I get an error "Cannot save file because disk is full". The disk is very much not full. There was 15gb of free space on the disk when I tried to save (now...