1. A

    Multi-Save shortcut exist?

    So essentially, when I'm editing a jpeg/png whatever for a website, my process usually is: 1. Save as > .psd file > Save then once it's saved 2. I'd hit Save as again, then change the file type to a .jpeg and set the quality etc. then hit Save. Is there a way of streamlining this? Or some...
  2. Coffee_Girl

    How do i maintain transparency when saving a file as png?

    I am working on this table, On the original mesh, the area (lacy parts) in the red square is transparent, I am a photoshop noob and I don't know how to retain the holes in the lace when saving the file as png. When I save the image normally it automatically flattens the picture and i get a...
  3. P

    there are strange problem in performance and operation of "Layer Via cut "

    hello. you see the image below: and I use "Lasso tool" for the part of the above image and I click right-click and then I click " Layer Via cut" and finally, I save image with "save for web" in file menu and then "PNG 24" and I see the image in windows photo viewer as follows: but when I open...
  4. Y

    Save Dialogue box does not appear when I close photoshop

    The "don't save-save-cancel" dialogue box doesn't appear when I close specific photoshop windows or the photoshop program as a whole. I can still save by going to the menu, but I would like to fix this problem. Any ideas?
  5. Y

    Any ideas on how to make these effects?

    I took these photos in RAW 16 bit format and edited them using some free software. Unfortunately the quality wasn't as high as I hoped. I would like to redo the photos in photoshop and retain the quality but I'm new to photoshop and I don't know how to go about it. I would greatly appreciate...
  6. B

    Image Types For Mobile Platforms?

    Hi all, Wonder if someone can offer some advice? What is the best way to save an image that will look good a little 'stretched' without using an svg? I currently have a very basic icon which is 48x48px with a solid blue background and a bit of text on a new layer. Obviously the blue looks...
  7. Robes

    Toggle Between ACR and PS ??

    Hello All- I don't understand how to go back & forth between ACR and PS with Raw (Nef) files. From ACR (after basic edits) I open to PS as "smart objects" having saved the last ACR settings before so, as a "snapshop" in ACR. This 1st snapshot is always available to the end. Once in PS I...
  8. N

    Grain in pic.

    Hey everyone.and especially those who have helped in me the past..this is one of the shots i have taken last or so. In photoshop it looks good..but when converting to SRGB and save it as JPG (save for web) and viewing it on screen, some colors in area seems to be have been lost. You can see the...
  9. nachofrades

    File Info in Save for Web doesn't appears

    Hi Photoshop people: I have a problem in "Save for Web" working: It does not save the "File info" of the file, so all images I save are without information about me... For me it's important, does anybody knows how to fix it? What I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Nacho.
  10. F

    Will PScc double-profile a Srgb image if using Save for Web with Convert to Srgb

    The question is: Will PScc double-profile and cause image degradation if myimage is already in the Srgb color space and I use the save for web feature andtick the box “convert to Srgb”. In fact, does ticking the box do anything atall to an image already in Srgb color space? Is it best to leave...
  11. pslane

    saving transparent

    Hello, I am still in the learning mode with Photoshop. I've run across something I am clueless about. How to save a transparent png or gif. I saved it like I do in PSP but when I posted it on another forum, it has a black background. Can you explain to me how to save it transparent the...
  12. M

    Mega exhibition displays/ billboards. Best Workflow?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have been working on a billboard 414cm x 230cm and i have on 4000x6000pix image from a fullframe canon 5dmkii filling up the whole billboard. What is the best way to save the image for billboard printing + preserve vector lines and text on top of the image? (i have...
  13. C

    Making gif from avi

    I just received CS2, today. I'm trying to load an avi to make a gif, but I can't figure out how to open the video file. I tried researching a little but the options the instructions said to use aren't in my program. Another problem I am having is that I am trying to rotate a gif, I got the...
  14. C

    Save as copy

    Is there someplace I can permanentely de-select Save As Copy?
  15. R

    cant open a .psd file in PS CS5

    when i try to open a .psd file that was last opened a little under a year ago i get the error message :could not complete your request because the file is already in use or was left open by another application. ive restarted, shutdown, force quit all applications, tried to save as, export...
  16. MrToM

    I can really hate PS sometimes...

    Just done a substantial amount of work on a particular project which called for a PDF file. No probs...File > Save As > Sweet as... Back to original PSD file... Edit... Edit... Save... Edit... Edit... Save...Hang on! Why is photoshop saving as PDF? Save As...(PSD) Bam! All Layers gone. One...
  17. M

    how to save as Progressive JPEG in Photoshop?

    I can't find the option to save as Progressive JPEG.... Where do I find it?
  18. V

    Batch Automation Trying to save versions using batch. "Overide save as" saves to the same file?

    Hi, I have about 100 folders, each with one file in them. I have an action that when run on a single file saves 10 colour variations of that file. When I use batch with the "Override save as" unchecked it attempts to save 10 variations to the folder I used when recoding the action. When...
  19. nachofrades

    Two targets file save

    I would like to know how can I save my work to two disks at a time, is it possible? Thanks!
  20. R

    Save for web and devices colour change

    Hello, For some reaosn when i save my image in cs4 it chnages the colour. Above is the original and as you can see all same comlour I save it then the below happens How do i stop this :S