1. M

    Jpg Enlargement

    Ok, back in the early days of my photography when storage space was limited and I used Photobucket as a host site I saved all my images to 800 pixels on the longest length and saved everything to 250kb or less. Foolish I know, but is there a photoshop plug in or application that will allow me to...
  2. A

    Need help with saving files :(!

    I saved my PSD as PDF earlier today to print and see what it would look like IRL, and I forgot to save it back to .PSD. I just now closed my file and saved (Not knowing that it was saving as PDF!) Now when I open my photoshop CS6 File it goes to the work I did earlier today, without all the...
  3. S

    Where are my hotkey preferences saved?

    Hello! I am going to be upgrading my computer, specifically shutting down my HDD and starting my computer fresh on an SDD setup. So I am going to have to reinstall photoshop. I have been using this setup for years and I have made a lot of changes to the preferences and Hot Keys. Im sure there...
  4. N

    Color Profile issue with Photoshop CS6

    Hi, I am a NIKON user and mostly shoots in RAW. In my recently bought CS6, I am facing issue whenever I open the pictures I am clicking with NIKON 50mm prime 1.8G, do some basic RAW editing, flatten the image and then saving the JPEG in a folder. When I open the saved image in WINDOWS photo...
  5. M

    wacom intuos 5 wireless

    hi I have decided to use my Wacom tablet more I have watched a lot of videos on how to set up the express keys, the problem is when I go back into ps cc the keys that I have saved do different actions? when I select for a new layer it starts the pen selection tool? could this a Photoshop...
  6. H

    How to save corrupted PSD file?

    Hi everybody!I was drawing on my tablet in Photoshop. I just saved my work in PSD extension (as I always do because it allows me to use it in different programs like Photoshop,Corel,IllustStudio and SAI without merging the layers), then I went and added few more 'dots' on it, then saved it again...
  7. M

    Help! Painter image saved lighter than it should be!!

    I need your help people! My image saved as jpeg is much lighter and seemingly less contrasting than it originally was. I know because I compared with earlier versions... What am i doing wrong? thanx kali
  8. pslane

    Strange black screen

    I was working today and something caused my work space to be replaced by a black screen with no way to get out of. My project was off to the right side down low and there were very few tools to use. Esc didn't help. After I realized I couldn't get back I finally had to Ctrl-Alt-Del. At...
  9. gautamz07

    reducing size of a Image saved as PNG-24

    Hey guys , how are you all doing ? i really miss u'll :D i have a small question : i have an image file saved as a png-24 and i need to reduce its size drastically as its really slowing page load time . i have 2 other images that need to be reduced in size , currently , they are around...
  10. V

    Gif file looks fine in PS, but when I play it after its saved, the hidden layers show

    This is pretty irritating. Like i said, the gif file when played back in PS itself looks perfect as I want it. Then when i save it, all the layers that i designate to be hidden just stay on screen after their frame plays. Am i somehow saving it the wrong way or what?