1. C

    Issue saving PSD as PDF

    Whenever I save my PSD file as a PDF (see below for links), the bottom 6 bullets on the 1st job title listed do not save on the PDF. Any ideas as to why this would happen and how to fix it? PSD File: PDF File...
  2. nubians

    Hello from Dublin.

    Hey, I'm Nigel and I live in Ireland. I began my interest in photography (nature landscapes, album art, architecture, human faces) a few years ago through browsing Flickr and other sites. Saving up to by my own Nikon camera but currently want to learn how to use photoshop in the summer. That's...
  3. S

    Saving files to JPG

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Photoshop and I'm having issues with saving my finished work to JPEG and then sending via email. When I attach the JPEG file to the email and send it, the recipient can only see the image in the body of the email. There is no seperate attachment that they can then save...
  4. A

    Need help with saving files :(!

    I saved my PSD as PDF earlier today to print and see what it would look like IRL, and I forgot to save it back to .PSD. I just now closed my file and saved (Not knowing that it was saving as PDF!) Now when I open my photoshop CS6 File it goes to the work I did earlier today, without all the...
  5. K

    Quick saving images in sequence in CS6?

    Hi there! Not a Photoshop newb per se, but not very experienced either. I've been having fun making stop motion animations with Photoshop by editing images piece by piece (like cutting out and eye, replace it with another eye, moving a foot a bit, add a kangaroo etc), saving the images image...
  6. 1

    image layers causing major slow down with PS6

    Looking for a little help please.... I am working on some sports poster collages with many layers and images used.... Never had this problem before, but recently PS6 has been working at an extremely SLOW pace.... specifically when SAVING the file... a Little history... my sports collages...
  7. F

    Hello PG community :)

    Hello everybody, I register to this forum because its seems to be full of pannionate people :) I use Photoshop for... 1 week. I am again in my discovering step but i am already convinced by all what we can do with PS. In my general life, I like sports (basketball, running), playing video...
  8. Z

    Pixelated Texts in Photoshop - Help?

    I tried to search for any similar threads before posting my question but found none. My problem is that when I add some text in my image in my photoshop then upon saving the image, the text becomes pixelated. It shows poor quality of image that I make. :banghead: I tried all the fonts but none...
  9. A

    Multi-Save shortcut exist?

    So essentially, when I'm editing a jpeg/png whatever for a website, my process usually is: 1. Save as > .psd file > Save then once it's saved 2. I'd hit Save as again, then change the file type to a .jpeg and set the quality etc. then hit Save. Is there a way of streamlining this? Or some...
  10. Coffee_Girl

    How do i maintain transparency when saving a file as png?

    I am working on this table, On the original mesh, the area (lacy parts) in the red square is transparent, I am a photoshop noob and I don't know how to retain the holes in the lace when saving the file as png. When I save the image normally it automatically flattens the picture and i get a...
  11. K

    Dynamic Font Size to fit within Box?

    Hello, I hope someone is reading this and has an answer to my problem. What i want to do: I have over 300 names (with surnames) listed as a textfile. And i have one image. What i want to do is pasting the text (e.g. name1surname1) on a specific area (which does not change) of the image, and...
  12. D

    Aniimation/Video Format

    Hi, I made an animation/video in Photoshop CS6 and exported as H.264 so it saves as mp4. For some reason I can't seem to sync the video to my iPhone. Am I saving it in the wrong format? Thanks.
  13. J

    Photoshop Saving Bug

    Hey there folks! A few days ago I started painting in Photoshop cs5. I have used photoshop for quite a few years and never seen something like this happen: I started making my most beautiful painting ever yesterday, and almost finished it today. Now I saved it, put my laptop in my bag, and went...
  14. T

    Saving the item on a layer as its own image

    Hello, I am new to Photoshop. I'm working on a website and have made a layout in Photoshop. One of the items in the layout is a rectangle containing website content (contained in its own layer). I want to be able to save this rectangle as its own image, so that I can put it in my html. I...
  15. yoda007

    Trouble with saving jpg from photoshop CS5 to PDF...

    I am currently working on a project where I have to use PDF images rather than jpg images, however, when I open the jpg in photoshop CS5 and save as PDF the final PDF created has a thin cream line showing up on the right and bottom edge of the image? I tried the save as PDF option with several...
  16. D

    opacity not saving all of a sudden (CS5)

    Greetings forum, I have been using photoshop for a long time now. Yesterday I tried to create a .png that originally contained two layers. Layer 1 was a fill with it's opacity set to 75% and Layer 2 was a centered image. In the past I have been able to save this as a .png and retain the opacity...
  17. S

    Saving Images For web

    step by step instructions
  18. B

    Need advice resizing pictures and saving selection

    Hi I take pictures of new employes and publish them to our intranet. Every time I take the picture from same distance and with same camera. I import the picture to Photoshop Elements 8.0 and resize it from 2592x4608 pixels to 800x1422 and then i make a rectangular selection that only shows...
  19. T

    Reduce .psd loading and saving times

    Hello all, I am currently having a little problem working with Photoshop: I am designing posters and other prints for a festival here, and we usually print the largest posters on A1 intl paper full color. That means working in a huge 300dpi file with quite a lot of layers. The issue I'm having...
  20. M

    Photo shop changing file name when saving

    when trying to save as the file name changes example Lazarus A.D. 10-1-11_001 changes to Lazarus A.D.jpg no matter what format it is leaving out the rest of the name 10-1-11_001 it was working fine thenjust starting doing this tried restarting cs5 and also rebooting