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  1. softwarelover

    Restoration Brochure image

    Would someone touch his/her magical hands on this poor photo to fix the spots and scratches.
  2. C

    Color/grayscale to monochrome conversion

    Hello, I'm in the process of scanning some old projects. The company whose scanning services I used has a professional large format scanner with proprietary color-to-monochrome conversion algorithm built in. Here are a few samples, with info on each starting from leftmost one: - Color scan...
  3. R

    Need help removing texture from a photo

    I scanned a photo of my daughter and I'm trying to use it for her yearbook, but the texture really shows on the scan. Is this something that can be removed? Thanks for your help. Rich
  4. F

    Heavily mottled background in old scan

    Greetings to all! I am new to this forum and in need of advice. I have several old scanned photos which were printed in so-so quality paper. Though they were well kept, it seems the image has decayed and shows mottling in uniformly dark or light areas. Is there any way to address this? I've...
  5. J

    scan in greyscale or RGB

    Is there a difference if I scan a black & white negative in greyscale and then convert to RGB in Photoshop or scan in RGB.Is there any advantage of one way over the other?
  6. H

    Photoshop function that eliminates pattern resulting from high-res scan

    I scanned a photo from a book (the photo stretched over an entire page, about A4 in size), and I want to print it as a poster about 5 X 3 ft in size. When I zoom in into the scanned photo, to see how it will look like enlarged, I see rather ugly marks, arranged in a pattern. See the attached...
  7. E

    Removal of half-tone pattern from scan of newspaper

    have any of you experts got any idea how to correct this, its a scan of an old newspaper cutting, but has a spotty effect, until you zoom in and it the spots there a filter or effect i can use to correct it...unfortunately i didnt scan it, .:question:
  8. W

    Cleaning up old blueprint scans

    Hi everyone, I have a question about cleaning up a scan of an old blueprint. These prints are almost 100 years old and I am working on some artwork for a renovation project. The scans can be found here and here (sorry for the links - the files were too big). I would like to clean one of these...
  9. N

    Pen and Ink Drawings

    Happy New Year to all! I'll be returning to my volunteer position at our local botanical gardens and am in need of some coaching once again. One of the problems I keep encountering is in trying to even out the tones when I'm scanning and working on the old black and white sketches. I am...
  10. T

    Help needed with scanned VHS sleeves

    Hello all, my first post... When I scan old VHS video sleeves, the main background colour is often creased and/or faded etc. I've tried the "colour smoothing" option in the scanner software but this leads to poor results. The only other option I've tried is in Photoshop, by highlighting the...
  11. R

    Photoshop scanned black line to pen path

    Hello, for a school project we have to make a outline of all the classes. One way of doing it was to manually draw lines around each head, and then scan that and import it to photoshop. I'd like to convert these lines to a path, so that i can apply a brush to it. The problem is I don't know...
  12. K

    How to get a good scan from wall sticker?

    I was wondering if anyone could please advise me how to get a good scan from a sticker that is stuck on a wall? I tried taking a picture with a camera but I can't seem to get as good of quality as I would if I actually scanned the sticker on a flatbed scanner. Do anyone have any ideas or tips to...
  13. SeniorS

    Today's work Scan vs PS

    After yesterdays tutor and experiment i get litle bit inspired and warmed up so my PS "chakra" opened today. I'm not proud because it isn't much but very satisfied and want to share my feelings :) Scan vs PS
  14. N

    Scan Lines In Adobe Photoshop Gradients

    Dear Photoshop Gurus, I do not know what you'd call it and or define it as. But, when I use a gradient on a layer for some odd reason the Gradient looks blocky. It looks as if it is not fading into other colors rather than blocking the colors little by little. Which is where I come to the...