1. ZeroCool22

    Is a SSD 240GB enough for use as SCRATCH DISK?

    This is my current BUILD (just got it two months ago): MSI Z270 GAMING M 3 I7 77OOK ZALMAN CNPS 10X OPTIMA CORSAIR 32 GB (4X8) 2400MHZ DUAL CHANNEL MSI GTX 1080TI 11GB GAMING X SENTEY MBP750-HS 750W 80PLUS SENTEY TRIAC GS-6009 4 FANS SSD 240GB KINGSTON V300 SSD 240GB KINGSTON UV40 WD...
  2. R

    Temp file space

    What ho one and all, Running CS3 on XP with the max ram that XP will allow (3gb!) (I know, why don't you upgrade?) I have a Temp file partition of 5gb on the first hdd for what it says on the box. And I have a Photoshop scratch disk as the first partition on the second hdd with 12gb. Today...
  3. gedstar

    Possible bug in Photoshop CC2017.1

    Just came across this thread I was able to replicate it on Photoshop CC2017.1, opened up a 4600 * 2800 px image this was just a random image I had, then for a couple of minutes I used the patch tool just all over the image patching in various locations...
  4. B

    The Punisher

    Created this last night from scratch. Used a couple of different Punisher figurines to get him into that pose.Please say if you think I could improve it in any way as it is a bit empty right now.
  5. B

    Gurus's What is this scratch disk full error in photoshop & How to fix it ?

    Gurus, What is this scratch disk full error in photoshop & How to fix it ? Kindly help me fix this issue please . Am using photoshop 2015.5.0 release.
  6. hershy314

    NES controller

    Created this from scratch, though I was looking at an image of the actual controller while I did it.
  7. W

    How do you create this kind of images (fauvism?!)

    I see alot of these pictures using only yellow blue and red. and I wonder how you can do that? Can you turn any image into that with photoshop or do you have to do it from scratch? I would like to create my own picture from a cartoon picutre f.e. family guy or so...:happy: Thx :cheesygrin:
  8. Z

    How to fix this weird error Adobe Photoshop scratch disk full

    Gurus How to fix this weird error Adobe Photoshop scratch disk full , Photoshop could not load default styles because scratch disks are full .This error keep on bugging me and taking phootshop to open almost 30 or more mints.Plz help me how to fix this error. Thanks in advance.
  9. R

    Photoshop Scratch Disk?

    I have My scratch disk set to my external 1TB drive, I have noticed that it creates folders typically more than one . They are empty and they don't seem to delete on their own and I was wondering if there is a way to have this done . I will include a screen shot, any advice/input much appreciated.
  10. I

    Scratch Disk and file size issue's

    I'm currently making a few banners (some pretty big) and it's totally killing my PS. One in particular is 900cm x 230cm (Huge out door banner) and the scratch disk's are like 130gb on this one. I can't even work on this thing, I'm like 10% complete and now when trying to use the gradient...
  11. keysorsoze69

    Photo Restore / Fix

    Hello all! I am just starting out in Photoshop (CS5) and I haven't got a clue as to what anything does. I want to fix this photo as a gift for someone, whom I hope it will mean a lot to. Problem is that it is molded (I scanned the pic), faded, and has scratches. I was also hoping to fix up his...
  12. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Gold Metal Made From Scratch

    This gold metal was made from scratch. You can make any kind of realistic looking metals using my method. The tutorial is available at my blog. The link is in my signature. Please comment, thanks. :)
  13. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Made from scratch Glossy Button

    This is a glossy button that I made from scratch. This can be used for many different things such as website buttons and game interface controls. Using my method you can make a wide variety of buttons. My tutorial is available at my blog. Link is in my signature. Thanks, and please comment. :)
  14. V

    Create a Lakeside Scene From Scratch in Photoshop

    Photoshop is a great tool for creating realistic photo manipulations or compositions but it can also be used to create scenes completely from scratch. These types of exercises can be helpful to learn how to create textures and then apply them to your artwork. In this Psd tutorial, author Stephen...
  15. M

    Scratch Disc Full/Temp files (Mac)

    Hi, I just tried to open a few of very large image files (9GB in total) and when I did I got the message "scratch discs full". Now I understand why that happened, but it seems to have eaten a whole load of disc space that wont come back. I've since closed photoshop, restarted my Mac, etc...
  16. F

    Stupid Scratch Disks

    Hi, folks. Newbie on the forum but not necessarily to Photoshop. However, I have encountered the following error - a familair one to Photoshopeprs, but with a decidedly odd twist... I am running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720 with 8GB RAM. I have been running Photoshop 7.0.1 (yes, I know it's...