1. R

    Blending two tones

    Hi I had to cut a section out of background of the attached image, to bring the products closer together, both vertically and horizontally (there was a larger gap between the coasters). Where I've cut a section out of the middle horizontally and moved the bottom of the image up, you'll notice...
  2. Jerry D

    Uniform Lighting

    Recently someone posted an image in the free section and asked for uniform lighting... I experimented with it to see if I could improve it at all. Tried >Shadows/Highlights<, and that washed out the faces and darker colors, I put that layer under the orginal and tried masking and bringing up...
  3. Eggy

    Guess the macro 05

    Quiet here, so lets play. What is this and I'm talking about the top section of the picture, not the flowery texture
  4. inkpad.t

    Sites Show Board.

    Seems when i log in that the sites show board section is no longer visible... has it been removed or amalgamated with another section ?
  5. A

    Terrain Design !

    Pay: $250-325 Length: 4-6 days Project: I need a pro to take a chance with this project. I will need a 8193x8193 res file, the file should contain all the pieces of the terrains below but with seamless transitions and accurate depth for each section. The image should represent a height map...
  6. D

    warp/distort section

    Is it possible on any version of photoshop to alter one section of a photo without changing the rest of it? Like if I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink can you distort or change the sink while leaving the rest of the photo unchanged?
  7. S

    Just Starting Out

    Good Day everyone! This is my first post within the group and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a member. I have not used Photoshop in many years, but I want to get back. I will leave my introduction brief because I do not if this is the section I should post what brought me t...
  8. Stric9

    Freelance section

    Just a reminder to everyone that the freelance section will never get going if everyone just keeps doing work for free even if it IS posted in the general section. Why post things in the freelance section if everybody just does them anyway in the general section for free. If someone wants...
  9. Z

    resource download section?

    just thinking, for all the resources users put up, they should be put into a download section of resources, so fellow users don't have to have the mundane job of searching for something they found on here say... a week ago but they can't find it now. just an idea, like many others, i have an...
  10. brandon skyy

    ADVANCED section!

    I think it would be great to split the showcasing into Newbie (or Novice) and Advanced. In FACT, it might just be great to have an entire Newbie section, and an entire Advanced section. The skill level of all noobs and all, more experienced designers is difficult ONLY because sometimes I want to...
  11. E

    I may have missed it but I did not see this section, so here's my suggestion

    I think it would be really cool if there was a business section on here for Photoshop. What I mean is a section that talks about the business applications that the software may have for entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn Photoshop was so that I can make some extra...
  12. R

    Thank You Section

    I just joined PSG yesterday... but I am so overwhelmed by how lovely and helpful everyone has been and how fast and thoroughly I have been helped.. amazing... I am quite blown away!!! I think you should have a section where people like me who are really happy to have found you can say thanks...