1. I

    Brush controls problem

    Hi, First of all , sorry for my bad English. I will try to explain as clearly as I can When I download a brushes set. The brush controls (shape Dynamics, dual brush, texture etc...) are deactivated.So brushes do not work properly. If I download a marker pen set ,doesn't paint as a marker...
  2. J

    Can anyone figure out what I did?

    What brush settings does this? Hello, I'm a noob to photoshop. I was tooling around with it and created something I like by drawing a circle, using the path and stroking the path with a brush I had manipulated. I liked and went to do it again with some other text (not in the picture) but can't...
  3. R

    Applying Blend Modes to the Brush Tool

    Blend modes are normally applied to layers, but they can also be applied directly to the brush tool. I’m not sure that I intuitively understand what it means to apply a blend mode to the brush. For example, on a new layer, I can set the layer to Normal and the brush to Multiply, or I can do the...
  4. M

    How to ungrey "Define Pattern"?

    Hello! I'm brand new to Photoshop and am currently taking my first photoshop class. I have version CC 2014 installed on my mac. I'm trying to create a pattern and I have my shape with a rectangular marquee around it. The feather is set to 0 pixels. I go to Edit > Define Pattern but "Define...
  5. L

    Have I set up this grid system correctly for a vertical menu

    Hi I'm new to web design and I was wondering if I have set up the grid system properly for a vertical menu? The grid is a 1170px width with 30 px gutters. Because I've looked for a tutorial for setting up a grid but can't find one with them setting it for a vertical menu. Here's my set up...
  6. pslane

    Shapes are RED

    I'm working on a tutorial and it calls for snowflake custom shapes, which I downloaded from Deviant Art. I set the color, using the same color code they recommended. The shape comes out red. Red, no matter what I do. I tried other shapes and they're all red. Mode is set at RGB color and 16...
  7. Sega Jenesis

    Newbie here with a Photoshop CS6 issue!

    Hello! New here and just looking for some help with issues I've been consistently having in Photoshop CS6 13.0.6x64 for Mac OS X version 10.8.5. I'm opening RAW .NEF images, cutting with the pen tool, and saving after doing some cleanup with the clone stamp/patch/healing tools etc. Then I...
  8. Paul

    I supply the before

    You create the after. Before: Remove the mesh and set this wonderful creature free.
  9. L

    Batch Automation On Using an Action Set and Automate Batch -- Need Help

    Some time back (probably when using CS-3), I had an Action set that I ran with the "Automate => Batch. It would apply the Action set to all the JPG files in one directory and create three files in another directory, all BMP images in three different sizes. It worked perfectly fine. If, say, I...
  10. R

    Permanently set the Screen Mode...

    I'm using v5.5 and like having my work area set to "Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar" How do I make this change permanent? Thanks for any info... Ray
  11. V

    Create a Set of Artist Icons

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial. Learn how versatile a tool Adobe Illustrator is for creating icons. If you’re looking to improve your icon design skills, then this is an awesome tutorial for you. It will walk you through the process of creating a high quality set of artist icons where...
  12. Hoogle

    set 64 bit version to default

    Ok So the other day I had to install photoshop 32 bit version for a certain plugin but since that has been installed everytime i open a psd or right click to open with photoshop, even if opening through Bridge it is opening by default the 32 bit version. I have tried to set the default program...
  13. P

    Ive accidently set the 0 crossing point to slightly off...

    Ive accidently set the 0 crossing point to slightly off the corner of my document. How do I now set it to the top left again. And for that matter then back to the top right etc?
  14. M

    Producer needing logos/banner set

    Hi everyone, my nam is fred mclovin and I produce dutch house. This is a genre of electronic music that is pretty popular these days. I suscribed here because I want to be able to create my own set of logos and banner with a professional look. Right now my work is pretty much amateur.... so id...
  15. S

    How to crop to a set proportion and not shrink the image... HELP!!!!

    Okay, so I have been searching for this for days now and am totally stuck (and I'm pretty adept at computer usage and searching, for reference, I'm 25, a decent gamer, recently graduated from school with a degree in Architecture, and built my own pc so I have some decent knowledge about this..)...
  16. P

    How to save a set of actions to use on multiple other images

    I have learned how to create a style of image using a photoshop tutorial. To prevent me from having to continuously follow those steps for each pic can i not just apply the settings to other pictures as a saved action set? I am brand new to photoshop so apologies if this is very basic...
  17. M

    Before and after (The Ready Set)
  18. C

    Set a solid background behind an image??

    Alright, this is a stupid question, but I need to create a new background layer, make it brown, and resize the original layer (the image) so the brown background is framing it. I have looked all over and can't figure out how to do this???