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  1. P

    Need assistance with color correction/change in a photo

    Hi all. A friend of my wife edited/enhanced the color of this photograph but I'm not sure of what technique she used. I would like to get a similar effect on other photos that were taken from the shoot. I have tried using a warm photo filter and various layers of changing Hue/Saturation, level...
  2. K

    How would I find fonts similar to these ?

    I would like to recreate the images below with my own design but have been having a hard time finding free commercial use fonts.I don't know if any similar come with photoshop or how I'd go about finding it if it does. I would appreciate any help with this.
  3. G

    Anyone has any idea how I can draw a tempered glass outline similar to this picture

    Hi I have a problem.. My business requires that we create outlines for new tempered glass that comes into the market but the shape may differ slightly for each and every model. Does anyone have any idea how to draw a good outline of the tempered glass similar to this photo...
  4. C

    Help recreating a similar text effect?

    I'm having trouble trying to recreate a text effect similar to the one shown in this photo. If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. K


    I'd like to get someone to make my truck look like one from the movie Cars, for my boy. Similar to the one in yellow.
  6. Y

    How to I reproduce this effect?

    Hello everybody! Please someone explain me how to make this green/blue background effect? Like the gradient has lost its resolution or similar. Thank you!
  7. J

    Idea how to accomplish this

    So I have a customer that asked me to do a photo shoot of their senior this week. She had a specific request that her son's senior picture looks similar to her father' senior picture. I have two pictures here on of a current subject and the picture of her dad that was taken in 1969. I was...
  8. P

    How to do a line effect like the webstorm startup one?

    Hey! I'm trying to create a wallpaper which looks similar to the webstorm startup screen. Can anyone give me some hints or even a tutorial how to create this/a similar effect? (I can only think of the pen tool, but I think there must be an easier way) I've already looked for tutorials and...
  9. N

    Need Assistance

    Looking for some one to help me create the outline stencil of the bottle alone similar or exactly the same to this Thank you for the help in advance.
  10. Boobby

    Is this paint or 3d effect? How to achieve it?

    Hello everyone! i just registered (been reading the posts before but in my phone), if i read correctly, this is the place to post this... I just want to try new things for fun, and I've been looking for new trends etc, i came across this kind of effects ¿? i love how it looks so i want to make...
  11. Na11

    How can I replicate this brush-like soft-lightish pastel/shifting colours effect?

    The icons seems to have that effect in the title. How can I create something like it or at least slightly similar? This:
  12. G

    Which brushes did I use?

    Hello, this is going to probably be a hard one but before I had reset my PC I had downloaded a certain set of brushes, one being very important for the textures I make. I hoped one of you would recognize it or know a very similar one. Below is a preview of what I made with it. I think it's...
  13. T

    Water effect similar to this picture

    Hello, I need to find a similar Photoshop effect as the one found in this stock photo: Do you guys happen to know how can I achieve this kind of effect? Thank you in advance
  14. N

    match skin tone

    i've made those photos with different light settings. I have RAW files but can't figure out how to make skin tone look similar. how should i make it similar?
  15. P

    How to imitate this effect or change color?

    Hi. Can someone help me with something? I have two pictures (they are anime eyes). The blue one has a certain effect on it, like a slight blur and darker top half, kind of like a gradient. Can someone help me duplicate the effect of the blue eye onto the pink eye? I tried changing the hue of the...
  16. thePixelPixie

    Illustrator How might I achieve a similar effect to this...

    This image looks a bit like an aurora borealis. I've done a cool tutorial on how to create aurora borealis in Illustrator, and it introduced me to the rather rad tilde key effect! But it doesn't really help me for this particular look. I need something similar but for creating a bunch of lines...
  17. M

    Is there a free plugin that's similar to Fractarlius?

    Are there any free plugins that are similar to Fractarlius? I want to try an effect I have seen but unable to buy at this time.
  18. V

    how to change the size .please explain also

    hi guys i m new to photoshop. ii have to make the three images similar height and width as vibha.jpg
  19. J

    What is this brush?

    Hello, does anyone know what is this brush? Or do you have any similar brush? If so I would be grateful if you share it with me. Thanks for any replies.
  20. E

    creative text effect

    After some top advice on how to crop an image for printing we are now looking to create a really standout Font to print a message alongside the image, I have stumbled upon this web-page, can this be imported into my Photoshop Elements 6...