1. Antony

    Specific Could someone please give the elements sharp edges

    Hello, I am a bit of a photoshop hack and I created this for my friends that I run with. Unfortunately, I cannot get the edges to be nice and crisp. My friends want to put this on our training T-Shirts. The size I need is 30cm X 30cm at 300 DPI When I hacked this together, I made the image...
  2. K

    Smooth jagged edges and points from a scanned drawing in Photoshop

    I created this title on paper for a project and did a bad job outlining it in pen. I then scanned it from my printer on to my desktop, put it in Photoshop, and filled it in with black. For the last couple of hours I've been trying to smooth out the edges by watching tutorials and experimenting...
  3. M


    Hey! I love this picture-- but not digging the unsightly roll on the ride side of my body. Could someone help me smooth that out? Lol :) thanks guys.
  4. S

    How to draw a high resolution shape with smooth edge ??

    hello all. whenever im trying to draw a shape like a circle or a rectangle, when i zoom it the edges look bad and not smooth can someone show me please many thanks
  5. S

    Could you please make my arms bigger/more muscular and my face skin smooth also?

    Please help! I am a DJ and this is my profile picture. Could you please make my arms bigger/more muscular and my face skin smooth also? Thank you so so much!
  6. S

    Smoothing pixelated stuffff

    Hello! Please see attached photo. Is there a way to smooth those edges out around the lettering?
  7. K

    Quick Photoshop request

    Hey, if possible could someone please remove the sweat stain from my back and smooth the crease in my shirt on my left arm/shoulder? Thanks.
  8. B

    Remove grit from image

    Hi guys I'd like to have the white grit removed from this photo, unfortunately I'm failing miserably when trying to do it myself. It would be nice to get the picture look smooth. Would any of you guys be able to help me, please? Thanks for considering!
  9. P

    How to get this look with photos???

    DearPSD-Pros I am a photographer from Switzerland and can’t seem to get the look of some of my favorite PS-Edits on the web. In the last couple of years this look became famous (mostly in Asia). I tried a lot of edits, plugins and lately the Nik-Software,but still can’t seem to get the look...
  10. P

    Illustrator make lines smoother

    Hi guys, I am really really new in illustrator so here isthe thing. I was researching it but I didn't get the answer so if you help me please. I am trying to make a logo and it is a basic text logo. The Capital letter 'M' font Android and i notices that the lines (or curves) are kinda pixeled. I...
  11. E

    Warp tool pixel problem

    Hi, when i use warp tool, the edges are not smooth but pixel like this.. any ideas?
  12. A

    Waterfalls and lighting on bright days

    So, I've been messing with this for a long time. I took a picture of a small waterfall on a bright day around noon. To get that silky smooth flow of water, you have to turn the ISO low, the F-stop high and the shutter speed to slow. But unfortunately, it still makes the water look really bright...
  13. C

    Please help me smooth out pixelated text!

    When adding text to photos, the edges of the letters are pixelated. (I have Photoshop Elements 13) This is a recent problem... in the past it worked just fine. I've looked at several tutorials and they all show a different version of elements/screen. They say to make sure "anti-alias" is off...
  14. 8

    Brushes Brushe doesnt want to draw a straight line! ZigZag/ Jittering/ Whatever EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Hi I need some serious help about my brush/es. It is really simple one and i get what i want except that brush have some "jitters", "zigzags", i dont know how to call it. The line is not straight when a draw it in some angle or when i do curve. Every parametar that i change, line still isnt...
  15. U

    Skin Edit

    Hey guys! Love this photo, but can someone make my back look more appealing, like smooth the bump out? Any PRO help would be awesome and appreciated!
  16. G

    New logo help?

    Hi All,Can anyone please help me finish this logo. I am supposed to be helping a friend, but I am new to this. The logo is supposed to be property related. The main part of the logo that she likes is the "shaking hands",I tried to relate it to property with the house, maybe you can change it...
  17. K

    How to change color

    I want to change orange color to red color. I use Magic Wand Tool to select orange color and Paint Bucket Tool. But edges not smooth. Can anyone suggest me the best way to change color ? Thank you
  18. M

    Need some help with smooth rendering

    Hey guys! Amateur traditional artist moving to digital media here. I was doing some exercises at Ctrl + Paint and encountered something that kinda stumped me. After watching this video on controlled brush strokes, I tried to do his exercise worksheet. He said to focus on practicing smooth...
  19. R

    smooth edges

    Im trying to make some silhouette of objects. I use the majic wand tool to get the shape and fill it in with a colour... The end result is very jaggy... any ideas how i can make the edges smooth?
  20. J

    Smooth Edges in Pen Sketch with Bleed

    My friend has drawn a pretty elaborate and detailed sketch that he would like to be fixed up in Photoshop. The issue is all the lines he has made have bled a little so none of the lines are straight and when you look at the detail it does not look to good. Is there a way to easily smooth out...