1. L

    Please help

    Hello all new to the site and know nothing about editing. I need the photo with a solid white background. Thank you so much
  2. F

    could someone make the black solid and more bold

    If this picture could be made more bold and solid black (if you know what I mean?) the Green on the wolf can be removed or turned to black, what ever is easier. thank you! :) Mod edit: The watermarked image has been removed.
  3. E

    How to make a pattern solid without losing details and texture?

    Hello everybody. I have tried everything and looked everywhere for an answer, but still no help to find. Therefore I'm now turning to you guys. I'm working on changing the colors of certain fahion styles, and I've run into a problem. I have this jacket with a camuflage print, but I need to...
  4. S

    Christmas blanket help

    Can someone please help make this picture a little better for a blanket for Christmas? I would like the pup to be centered in the picture and the picture to have one solid background/design. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. blasteralfred

    How to remove stains from over stained old photographs

    Recently, I got a photograph scanned, which is an old b/w photograph. The photo is hay colored now, seems like it is 10+ years old. It was a portrait photograph, and somehow I manage to remove it's bg and applied a solid color. But the problem is with the cloth. First I planned to paint the area...
  6. P

    Making a newspaper advert, text clarity advice needed

    Hi, I made a newspaper advt of 8x7cms. I worked on a actual size @ 600dpi file. The result looks extremely clear and the text is very legible, but when it turned out on the newsprint the text dulled down as if swallowed by the solid black bg it was on. The design isn't very busy or...
  7. D

    Grainy to solid colour

    I've scanned a picture, I did it at 600dpi, it came out pretty o.k but there was 2 glaring flaws. The colour is very "grainy", the 2nd picture, when placed back on the original picture is semi transparent for some reason. I would like to turn the red and blue into a solid colour, but I'm...
  8. D

    Looking for plugin; Draw cliparts as if using the brush tool

    Hi everyone. I'm asking in the hopes that there is a plugin out there that has this function. To be more specific, years ago I used an older art program (Picture Publisher if I remember correctly) that had a very useful function. You could put together a cliparts gallery, then in program select...
  9. J

    Changing Pattern to solid

    I know this is possible but there is no tutorial on how to do it what I want to do is change the fabric on the chair or make it into a solid keeping the curves and shadow there was a post that showed an example but didnt explain ..The last picture is from the post I saw doesnt explain how to do...
  10. W

    Raster image print from ACAD dotted lines

    Hello' I'm new to PS and have configured a "plotter" in ACAD to print my drawing as a raster image. But when I open in PS most of my lines aren't solid anymore. The first time I tried this everything worked fine and the lines were solid. Don't know what I've changed. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. V

    Solid layer like an Adjustment Layer

    Hi all, Learning Photoshop, and need to find a solution for an issue. First of all, I have learned to use a solid color, or a layer with different color variations to affect the layers under it. Sometimes I will multiply this layer, or screen, etc as well as tweak it's opacity and get...
  12. C

    Transparent text on a solid color panel?

    Dear Group, I am in the process of designing a clear label for my aftershave and would like to have the text on a solid color panel be transparent so that the liquid is visible. I would also like to have an outline (Line) tracing the font to help it stand out a little better. I've been...
  13. B

    My brush isn't solid, help? Example shown The left head was made with pen tool and I filled it, I wanted to make ears for it and then do stroke path but it ends up smokey on the outside, so it looks weird.
  14. T

    Creating transparency within a solid color

    I have a super simple idea, that I just dont know how to create. Im taking a long rectangle, adding a solid color to it, and would like to add a thin line of transparency within a selected area of the solid color. Ive tried using shape layers and can get those filled, but I want the...
  15. C

    Set a solid background behind an image??

    Alright, this is a stupid question, but I need to create a new background layer, make it brown, and resize the original layer (the image) so the brown background is framing it. I have looked all over and can't figure out how to do this???