1. B

    Specific Can you make this picture more special?

    Just add anything to the background to make it look beautiful and amazing. And you can edit anything to me.
  2. Freakout

    A quick photoshop edit request pls for her birthday

    Hi guys..its been years since I visited this forum and honestly been years as well since I edited a picture on Photoshop. It's my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to accompany my surprise for her with 1 of her pictures I took on our recent trip and make it a bit kinda special with the help...
  3. S

    Please edit these rude wedding guests out of special pictures

    Hi! Long story short, my husband's family was very against us getting married and claimed they wouldn't be at the wedding. The day of, they showed up and sat in the front row and their upset faces really ruined the pictures of my dad giving me away. I would love to have them removed. Everyone...
  4. J

    First timer here, very excited

    Hey everyone, this is my first time ever in a forum and I am happy to say it is this one. I am looking forward to being an active part of this community! First and foremost I have no earthly idea what i am doing but i am actively learning and have done a few things here and there. I ultimately...
  5. J

    Brand Design Template - Bugging me

    Hi everyone, This is just a quick question to ask something that I have been wondering a while. I would like to try and design my own brand and I have been looking on various websites on how to do this. It seems that there is some sort of blank template or layout by Photoshop or from a 3rd...
  6. M

    May someone please remove the woman in the background?

    This was a special moment in my life. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help! :cheesygrin:
  7. A

    Lady Winter

    Just practicing some things nothing special, i tried to blend it the best i could, but the is something just not convencing me on the image. Original Cheers!
  8. dv8_fx

    Merry christmas to everyone...

    Enjoy the best of this special day with your loved ones..... CHEERS!!!
  9. C

    Editing and Tricks

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to do these type of pictures. I can take decent pictures but for products like this, it seems lots of touch up or in fact this is done by a special software to make it so nice?
  10. J

    After Effects Are there any tutorials for couple of effects listed?

    Guys I needed some tutorial to create some effects. 1. I needed to make rose petals falling effects video, is there any specific tutorial for that? But I wanted to add different pictures/video on both the sides of a petal. Also not all petals have same pictures/video. "Pictures and Petals are...
  11. T

    Hello from north of Boston

    Came here looking for help on achieving a certain effect (posted in the general forum). Photoshop is usually a secondary tool for me - I've been using it for years but am "expert" in only a few areas - there's lots of functionality I don't know. I'm a software engineer by trade, also enjoy...
  12. S

    Does he use something special?

    Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 This guy is a 12 year older. And I like the way he makes his logos. Can someone tell me what does he use and can someone tell me about the font too? What font is this?
  13. A

    Need help creating special effects

    Hi, im hoping someone can help me with this project that im working on. Im trying to create a high speed effect, like your travelling through space or racing on a race track. you have those streaks in the design to give the illusion of travelling at high speed. Im looking to use some football...