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  1. E

    Specific Black outline of street map from this cutout

    Hi Hopefully someone can help me. I am looking to get a rubber stamp made of a black outline of a city street map. I saw this white cutout but basical need it to convert the white line to black with no background and a slight black line frame put around it (about the thickness of the smaller...
  2. M

    Anyway to reduce flashglare from shiny skin?

    I've got this macroshot of a grasshopper, not that it is any speciel, but I would like to learn if there are some ways to reduce that glare in the skin from the flashes? I know, it should be done by softening the light in the first place, but that's a little too late now. I know I can just clone...
  3. J

    Supercharge the clone stamp tool

    How to supercharge the clone stamp tool in Photoshop? I have found a tutorial on a website, but unfortunately I couldn't quite follow the video, as it's too fast and I am hard of hearing, and a slow learner at my age. Can you kindly send me step-by-step directions please? Not a video, if...
  4. J

    how to create something like this ?

    hi I am new to this forum and I hope that this question is on-topic. I want to create something like this It's about the "random" white patches on the red areas. How to create this kind of stamp look ?
  5. Eggy

    3D Blender Stainless Steel

    Another test in Blender... Beside repeating the same actions I tried on my own to explore Blender. Sometimes it went well and sometimes it was a desaster...:bangdesk: PS: the Stainless steel stamp on the middle chain link is PS...:mrgreen:
  6. P

    Remove harsh lighting from picture

    Hello, I realized I took this picture wrong and decided to retake it with a light tent but have a feeling I still may have a problem with glare as I have in other photos. I have two 100 watt photography lights. Is there a way to remove the glare from photos easier than the clone stamp tool and...
  7. R

    Brushes The Stamp problem in Photoshop CS6

    Who can kindly help me to return the stamp in to normal condition (to cancel this black shadow) I tryed to Reset All Tools and this does not help. Thank you very much!!!
  8. H

    Clone stamp circle and what is included in circle

    When I use my clone stamp for whatever size I chose, the portion of the image it clones does not include everything in the circle. I am using CC 2015.5.1. All assistance in resolving this problem will be appreciated. Harris
  9. B

    I'm looking for this brush

    Hi everyone! I see many people using a certain brush and I wish I could find it and use it myself. Here it is on a few photos from different authors and it's apparently the same stamp with orbs. If anybody knows this one or something similar, please let me know. here are some examples...
  10. B

    Help me delete camera from a mirror photo

    Hi everyone, I have tried looking up everything there is about the clone stamp tool on youtube but I can't get the results I need. I hope someone here can help me :neutral: There is a color variation between the top and bottom port of the mirror that I can't match even if I try making smaller...
  11. J

    The Clone Stamp Tool

    Can anyone, please, let me know in a straightforward and simple way how to rotate the clone stamp tool in Photoshop CS6? I need listed steps not a video as in my old age I find it hard to follow videos. Many thanks. Joe
  12. W

    Walton Peabody Dahlonega

    I have shifted from Elements Version 2 to Version 7 because my new printer would not recognize Version 2. In Version 2 I could put two pictures on the screen and move an image from one picture to another using the rubber stamp tool. I cannot figure out how to do this in Version 7. Can anyone...
  13. J

    Need help learning Content Aware tools

    I've tried some simple object removal using content-aware patch, healing brush, and the old comfortable cloning stamp in color mode. I'm getting a loss of texture, looking like a shiny spot where the object was removed, or smudges. The effects differ with each choice of tool or technique, and...
  14. F

    Putting layer with stamp OVER image with only the ink overlaying??

    Hey Guru's I have a n00b question. I am trying to put a layer (with a stamp print) over a picture. But I only want the black ink from the stamp over the image not the white background the layer itself. Every time I try to do it the white background comes with it and it just doesn't work. I've...
  15. Z

    how to make trasparent / kill white areas

    Hello! this may be trivial but I have a stamp image with plain white background and I want to make it transparent. the magic eraser tool does not seem to work as it has many tiny scratches on the red stamp tint. The best I was able to do is with Refine edge but I noticed some opacity of the red...
  16. Z

    Trouble using certain filters

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with certain filters in Photoshop. When I select certain filters, the image goes completely blank! The image I am working with is 8-bit RGB (as suggested by other forums) but the problem isn't going away. The particular filter I'm trying to use is 'stamp'. Does...
  17. SeniorS

    Stamp tool: source point without keyboard?

    How to take source point (sample) for stamp tool (etc) without using keyboard but just mouse? Is that even posible? Why i need that? Becouse :) Sometimes it's fun working only by mouse. I didn't googled it yet, maybe someone already knows the answer.
  18. M

    cant use the clone stamp on a remote image

    I used to be able to clone stamp from a different image than the one I was working on. while using clone stamp I could hover over another image on the desktop, press the alt key and click, and then continue to clone the main image. I double check that the layer in question is selected etc...
  19. C

    Repeat portion of image over and over

    What's the easiest way to repeat a selected portion of an image over and over many times (say 100 times or more)? As an example, let's say I want to make a string of hanging lights. I can't find a quick way of selecting a single bulb and "stamping" it over and over. I can make a brush from the...
  20. O

    Something wrong with the Brush! Its simple, I just can't get it.

    So when I use my brush on photoshop, the usual small circle appears, but the moment I actually USE it. It disappears completely and an arrow appears. Which makes it REALLY difficult to use or even see what i'm doing. I looked at the other forums to see who else has this problem. I found...