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  1. M

    How to both reduce noise and sharpen an image non-destructively.

    Ok, hey guys. I've got this macroshot of a grasshoppers face with the rest of the body going into shallow dof-ness. Only the very front of the face is sharp and even the back of the eyes starts to go blurry. The image is great, but I got a problem. I can't figure out how to sharpen the front...
  2. M

    patching problems

    hi guys how to patch these corners here,i tryed every tool possible patching under the picture and around but for some reason it starts to copy the picture thanks
  3. A

    Need a little help to clarify something

    H everyone I'm not sue if it is possible but was hoping for help! In the image next to the window there is a piece of paper on the wall which starts with "Extras" is it possible to zoom/clear up the rest of the image to be able to tell what te res saysor is it too pixelated?
  4. H


    Guys does anyone know how to manipulate this image To Please Help. Thank you in advance
  5. agentmoeller

    possible new logo

    Was tinkering with a logo for someone who sells reptiles. The business name starts with 'R.' Agent
  6. dv8_fx

    BASIC CHALLENGE #1 - Create a Mini Planet

    WELCOME TO OUR VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP BASIC CHALLENGE!!! To start the ball rolling.... The solar system was never the same ever since scientists kicked out it's smallest member - Pluto. But don't fret as all is not lost because this challenge requires you to..... CREATE A MINI PLANET IN...
  7. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  8. J

    suggest me best design

    hello all i am starts new website plzz suggest me the design Mod Edit: Please ask a more specific question and post a screen shot rather than a link. I'm also moving this thread to Web Design. Thanks.
  9. JustinR

    After Effects Letters starts to pixelate then I when zoom in.

    So I allways though that fonts are vectors, but when I really zoom in to my text it starts to pixelate a lot... So can I turn on sth to prevent this?