1. J

    The Paint Bucket Tool

    Have been trying to re-paint the background of a photo with the paint bucket tool, but I ran into a problem as the paint bucket would only work on a section of the picture.. Why did it stop working when I tried to repaint the rest of the picture ? The original colour of the section I was...
  2. F

    Illustrator Keeping the curve

    Hello I want to get rid of 2015 and fill the ball with black. The problem is that it's not a circle but an ellipse. How can I keep the ideal curve? When I do it with the Pen Tool it's always uneven as you can see on the second picture. Thank you in advance.
  3. gautamz07

    Illustrator Mysterious gradient tool

    I was just going through this tutorial HERE . Now what is that tool that this guy uses to 7:29 to change the orientation of the gradient ? could't quite find that tool :P New to illustrator :) so just about finding my way ;)
  4. J

    Pen Tool: Make Selection via Right Click not working

    I am not really a "newbie" but not a veteran either. I assume this problem is something VERY simple that I am overlooking. Never ran into this one before. Been working on a document for a few days, no issues but now suddenly when drawing paths with Pen tool, when I right click, make...
  5. pslane

    Illustrator not enough rams?

    I am attaching an error box that says there is not enough ram available. I'm (trying to) do this tutorial, using the 3D tool. What can do about this? Thanks, pslane
  6. B

    Help me delete camera from a mirror photo

    Hi everyone, I have tried looking up everything there is about the clone stamp tool on youtube but I can't get the results I need. I hope someone here can help me :neutral: There is a color variation between the top and bottom port of the mirror that I can't match even if I try making smaller...
  7. gautamz07

    Illustrator Making a simple icon in illustrator.

    What is this guy really doing at 1:30 mins ? see the video HERE , He seems to not be creating a separate layer with the pen tool , but somehow use the pen tool to extend the layer. like just pulling it or something and i just somehow can't pull of that trick :D
  8. A

    Is there a way of adjusting the traction of the cursor on the layer?

    I'm not very good at writing notes so I use photoshop to edit the original papers I read for my studies. It actually works really well, but my one problem is this: I use the pen selection tool alot cut out selections of text. It would replace a highlighter perfectly, were it not for the fact...
  9. Paul

    Jessie the James

    Our smallest family member taking a break on my wife's lap. Original. Rework. Just played with the light and used a brush tool to brush some hair/fur out a little, then did a stylize diffuse pass with edge sharpness added and finally played with the shadows and highlights. :cheesygrin:
  10. P

    Saving workspace does not save tool windows position

    Hi all, I work on 2 monitors. I set my tool windows to the other monitor in the order/size etc that I desire. I'll save a new workspace under windows>new workspace. When click off of photo shop to the finder or another app then return to photo shop, the tools are in the right order/size, but...
  11. J

    The Clone Stamp Tool

    Can anyone, please, let me know in a straightforward and simple way how to rotate the clone stamp tool in Photoshop CS6? I need listed steps not a video as in my old age I find it hard to follow videos. Many thanks. Joe
  12. K

    Eyedrop tool missing

    Hi. Thanks for looking into this. I use CS6 13.0 on OSX. My eyedrop tool is missing and I'm having a hell of a time displaying it. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks
  13. Z

    Any Tutorial for Pen Tool?

    Hey guys, I want to master pen tool. Is there any tutorial available for free to learn this tool. I find it very difficult. :cry:
  14. Paul

    Donald Trump manipulation.

    Back to Photoshop today, half an hour of smudge/liquify and brush tool fun on my Wacom:cheesygrin:
  15. H

    Lightroom user transferring to Photoshop

    Hi PS community, I've been using LR for my entire automotive photographing career so far. Always thought that LR was the go to editing program because it was just easier but after seeing another pro photographer's results from using PS only, I was absolutely mindblown. He advised me to switch...
  16. gautamz07

    wanted help in identifying font

    guys what is the font on the logo ? the blue font i mean :) can somebody tell me ? , also whats a great font detecting tool ? any ideas ? Thank you. Gautam.
  17. B

    Gurus, how do you make shapes like this?

    Gurus how do u make shapes like this ? I used rectangle tool and then used the pen tool and drag it the path point.Is there any simple method using Photoshop cs6? Eagerly awaiting for your techniques and wana learn from you. Thank you !! :yourock::yourock:
  18. B

    Question on Pen Tool Handle Control

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a hard time controlling the Handles on Pen Tool created Anchor Points in PS CS5: Hopefully this demonstrates the issue I'm having, where using 1 solution creates 1 new problem, resulting in a circular logic trap that never ends.
  19. B

    Gurus help! Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly

    Gurus help me teach.Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly.Today its holiday in here and i tried to do some stuff on my favourite tool photoshop and i googled for some images and found a perfect one to haev a go at it. And i tried to cut that image and hair perfect using...
  20. E

    Warp tool pixel problem

    Hi, when i use warp tool, the edges are not smooth but pixel like this.. any ideas?