1. agentmoeller

    Color replacement tool

    Hey all. I'm trying to make the blue bottom portion of this wall match the top off-white portion. I try to paint over the blue with the color replacement tool, having set my brush to match the top wall, but when it overpaints the blue, I'm getting a much darker gray that doesn't match. Any...
  2. M

    Patch tool CS5 – what do you think?

    Somebody told me that the patch tool is obsolete and the healing tool does the same thing "and using the patch tool is old school". I have been using the patch tool for years and love it and I don't seem to get the same results with the healing tool (I usually use the patch tool for large areas...
  3. SeniorS

    Stamp tool: source point without keyboard?

    How to take source point (sample) for stamp tool (etc) without using keyboard but just mouse? Is that even posible? Why i need that? Becouse :) Sometimes it's fun working only by mouse. I didn't googled it yet, maybe someone already knows the answer.
  4. adeee

    pen tool issue.

    guys look at this picture. I want to create this picture via pentool. but the problems is when i create this picture, the insight of the picture are fill with the colour i selected but i just want that insight must be transparent and the border lines with the selected color must be made...
  5. R

    The color Replacement tool

    When trying to replace a color with the color replacement tool, i get a kind of an intermediate color to the two. Is there any way to get the exact color to be replaced?
  6. G

    Tablet pen doesn't work right with dodge tool !

    Hi all, Can anyone help me to get my pen (Wacom Intuos 2) to work properly with dodge tool like the mouse? Here's to illustrate: It is the dodge effect was made by mouse It is by the pen (same brush size) The brush becomes too small and has a hardness effect, not smooth at all. If I size...
  7. F

    No pen tool. Need options.

    Hey guys. I've decided to take my art to the digital side. I'm using a wacom tablet and I have a few sketches I've started that I would like to ink the lines for that ultra smooth look. However, I'm using elements 8 (cause I'm poor) and there is no pen tool option. I'm also very new to PS so...
  8. amigo

    Photoshop Tutorial #6- Pen Tool made Easy.

    Hey Guys and girls, here is a new Video Tutorial, this time about the Pen Tool in Photoshop. Like always, be sure to Download the .PSD file and try it out yourself. I know it's been a long time since the last tutorial, I explained why that is in the video.. Pen Tool Tutorial I hope...
  9. S

    Line tool malfunction

    I am unable to use the line tool. I am using photoshop 7. It was working last 2 years ago on the computer. But now when ever pressing on line tool from the tools box (where pen pencil paint bucket etc are) is displaying a arrow head 10 times as large with a tail behind it? What happened to basic...
  10. D

    My "line tool" is stuck as an "arrow"

    Never run into this one before...all of a sudden, my regular photoshop line tool is drawing an ARROW with an arrow head on it, and I can't get it to stop. Look: The line tool is clearly selected, but it draws an arrow when I try to draw a line. It's as though it's "stuck" drawing a custom...
  11. D

    CROP TOOL - help please

    On my previous version of PS, I had full control over the Crop tool. I could control the width and length of the cropping area I chose. I now have a new version, CS5 Extended, but the Crop tool only works in an "automatic" way. The tool itself selects the box shape, which is never the shape I...
  12. S

    Problem with marquee tool

    Hi, I am using photoshop for last one year. But from a few days I am encountering a peculiar problem with my photoshop. When I select something by using the marquee tool (it can be any of marquee tools) it started fine but after some selection it automatically select the area and i have to start...
  13. P

    How do I go back 'one' with the polygonal lasso tool?

    I am carving out an error and I mis-place one of the tabs but how do I go back one, if I press escape my whole selection gets wiped out :-(
  14. E

    About the square rounded tool?

    How can I cut stuff out with it?
  15. SeniorS

    Did you know: Burn Tool + ALT = Lighten Tool

    Of course, 90% of you knows it allready. But if you aren't in that percentage and don't "waste" time reading manuals then you know now. Burn Tool: With pressed ALT key Burn Tool turns into "Lighten" Tool. Options for it are same as Burn Tool, so bigger % in Exposure it will lighten more place...
  16. G

    tool revert after using spacebar sctoll

    Hey all An oddity that is very minor, but after a while it begins to wear one down. Every time I am zoomed in on a photo for fine detail retouching I am usually switching between clone stamp, spot healing and the brush and I scroll around using the space-bar and mouse. Now the ;problem is that...
  17. G

    Photoshop CS Pen Tool help

    I've tried asking a few others and haven't gotten much help.. so I've decided to ask you guys. So I've been working with the pen tool in Adobe PS to create some line work... except for now when I right click on my newly created paths and select "stroke path" it only stokes the ancor points...
  18. N

    How to select color using Color Replacement Tool

    I'm trying to change the color of this car to a gloss black using the Color Replacement Tool but I can't seem to figure out how to change the color for the tool. If someone could help me figure this out that'd be appreciated. Or maybe photoshop it for me! :) but I also want to learn
  19. A

    Straighten tool straightens but will not crop (CS5)

    Hi. The title says it all really. When using the straighten tool in CS5, it always used to automatically crop the straightened image. Now, for some reason, it just rotates the image but will not automatically crop it. Can anybody hazard a guess as to what I have done to change things? Thanks.
  20. S

    "CS5" "Count Tool" Count Group"

    New to this, hope I'm not double posting: With the count tool, does anyone know if there's a way to record the individual 'count group' totals recorded in the measurement log along with the total count (which you can get through Analysis>Record Measurement). Also, has anyone been able to...