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CROP TOOL - help please


New Member
On my previous version of PS, I had full control over the Crop tool. I could control the width and length of the cropping area I chose.

I now have a new version, CS5 Extended, but the Crop tool only works in an "automatic" way. The tool itself selects the box shape, which is never the shape I want.

Can someone please tell me how I can rectify this?

Thanks in anticipation of a response!
I'm not clear what you mean, but when you have the cursor chosen and sweep it diagonally, it selects the entire image. But you can position it anywhere you want within the image then drag it out. You can also set width and height in the toolbar. Is there something else you want to do?
Thanks for your reply, ibclare.
I'm not sure how else to describe the problem.
Previously, I never set the width and height. I just clicked on the picture, and dragged the box to where I wanted it.
But that no longer happens. Now I am not able to control the width and height.
Please, whereabouts on the tool bar is the setting for the width and height?
in Menu Windows/Option brings panel with settings. Probobly it is allready somewhere you just don't see it. In that case go to Windows/Option several times till you notice where it apears. Then click button "Clear" in that panel.

P.S. By default it under menu toolbar.
Sounds like it is set to fixed size