1. G

    PShop face-aware liquify problem

    Is there a workaround for using PShop's new face-aware liquify tool if the tool does not recognize there is a face in the image? For example, the tool says that there is no face detected in this image: Is there a way to perhaps alter the image so that the tool "sees" the face? I tried putting...
  2. Eggy

    One Way

    This is an old project I never finished. I believe it was the first time I used the pen tool to isolate the grim reapers. Started with to get this:
  3. A

    I want to outline black border

    Hello, I want to outline my Rendered UVW Template, basically it's low poly object so I can't make outlines to the actual geometry, I will have to create many unwanted polygons for just for the outline. I have tried many of the photoshop's tools but nothing worked out for me. Those lines are...
  4. S

    Need some help with text paths

    Hi, I've been trying to modify text that follows a certain path, but I came across a problem. Below is a sample image of what I want: I drew a path (pen tool) and using the type tool i clicked on the path so as to have my text follow that path. But I want the text to read from the bottom up...
  5. D

    WHY does Rectangular Marquee tool have soft edges?

    hi PSG Can anybody help me know what i need to press to return the tool to straight edges.
  6. T

    Wacom tablet eraser tool question

    I just purchased a Wacom pro tablet awhile back and just noticed something. When for instance I use the eraser tool, even with the hardness setting to 100%, I still have to overlap an edge of something i'm trying to erase to get it to get it to the edge. With the mouse, the hardness settings...
  7. M

    Pixel Strugle

    Hello everybody, I Joined this forum today to find PS knowledge and advice. I am a 3D modeller and started recenlty with texturing my models. PS has always been more a Pixel Strugle for me than a good tool to control pixels. So I need to learn, see and experience the power of PS. Have a great day !
  8. M

    All I want to do is bend a line! Help!

    I want to bend a line. Is the pen tool incapable of only making you a bent line? I can't bend the line tool (because I'm a newb?) So I try to just make a straight line with the pen tool and add 1 anchor point in the middle, but as you all may know once you move the anchor point to bend a...
  9. MoltresRider

    Path will not curve not even with direct selection tool!

    I created a line using the pen tool, but no matter where I click on the line, it will only add an anchor point. Reddit mentioned that I need to use the direct selection tool by holding ctrl, except that will only move the line around the canvas, it will not curve the line by any means! I...
  10. J

    The snipping tool

    May be someone can help me, please, as I am frustrated with the snipping tool when I want to print a few paragraphs received in an email that occupy a larger space than the area of my 17-inch laptop screen. I have just discovered the snipping tool in Windows 10, and I have no problem using it to...
  11. A

    Product photography: Jewelry post-processing tips.

    Hello everyone! Jewelry product photography has proven out to be very hard as the products themselves reflect everything, easily become smudged and on top of that are very small. My current job involves photographing lots of small jewelry for e-commerce purposes. I have gotten a bit better on...
  12. R

    Problem With Custom Shape Tool

    I just got a new computer and installed Photoshop CS5. The only difference I'm aware of between the old and new computers is that the old one was running the 32-bit version of CS5 and the new one has the 64-bit version. On my old computer, the custom shape tool had nearly 300 vector shapes to...
  13. J

    multiple gradient tool on a layer mask

    Hi, Is there a way to apply multiple gradients using gradient tool to a single adjustment layer mask? It can be just one type, let's say black,white. Thank's in advance.
  14. M

    Illustrator Need help...trying to make a photo frame in ai and I'm stuck

    Hi. Obviously I'm new to ai and all things Photoshop. Thanks in advance for any help/advice! I am trying o make a star photo frame to use on my sons birthday party invitations. I was using the pathways tool. I made a star, made a copy, resized a bit smaller to fit into the original star. used...
  15. G

    Sharpening edges on Patterned Background

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I have been researching for this for a quite a bit but haven't found what im looking for. So, here's my question: The original image is 5000 w x 3750 h pixels (or 20inches wide x 15inches tall) at 72dpi. Id like to enlarge the image to 96inches x 96inches and print it on...
  16. I


    Hey everyone my name is Claire!
  17. C

    Best Design tool

    I want to draw a painting but i couldn't get a best tool which i used to draw. please help me which tool is best for drawing.
  18. L

    Anyone know how to make these "tumblr 3D aesthetics" kind of effect ?

    Hi guys ! i'm actually in the making of a project for my art class, and i'm stuck at trying to create 2 things i often see on Tumblr. The first thing is a "3D deformed grid" which i guess is often made with the help of blender/3ds max/maya, but i don't really have the time to do it on these...
  19. Q

    potential to emulate Sony A7's "picture effects"?

    Hi Folks, I have a Sony A7S camera, which spits out images such as those below. However, these special effects are only possible in jpeg form from the camera. Therefore, I'm wondering if Photoshop can do something similar with a RAW file. If so, is there an artistic effects tool that I can try...
  20. W

    Solid colour Mosaic/ Pixelate help

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I'm having trouble with my Mosaic/ Pixelate tool. I might be using the wrong filter. I basically create little 16-bit animations for social media (example) and I constantly use the Mosaic tool to give images that '16-bit' arcade style. I don't quite no how to explain...