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  1. P

    Stray pixels - help!

    LOL that should be STRAY PIXELS! I know there must be an easy way to do this. I have a graphic that I'm trying to use, it's on a white background. So I cut it out with a magic wand tool, inversed it, copied, pasted it to a transparent background. The outline of this graphic is black and...
  2. P

    How do I make this gif transparent?

    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble making this gif transparent while using CS6. This is the original: And this is how I've failed at it: As you can see what I'm trying to do is delete the background from each frame but I get this effect. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  3. T

    creating stars with transparent background

    Hi Everyone, (sry but for some reason I can't hit Enter key), I like to know how do I create stars with transparent background? I started with a blank transparent background but then it won't allow me to apply Noise. Not sure how to get around. Also can I control the thickness of dots when using...
  4. P

    Asking a small favour

    Hi, I'm currently trying to design a logo for my very own streaming channel. I am having problems merging two pictures together but I don't have Photoshop or any Photoshop knowledge and I would appreciate it very much if anyone could help. I was recommended to come here by a friend who was...
  5. A

    Photoshop Leaves Transparent Outlines When Cutting and pasting

    It can be seen here, I really don't know what to do...
  6. B

    White to transparent background

    Hello What is the best way, please, of changing the white background to transparent in this image (one which Google offers free to Webmasters) without it affecting the white in the 'g+'. Many thanks. Bluie
  7. pslane

    saving transparent

    Hello, I am still in the learning mode with Photoshop. I've run across something I am clueless about. How to save a transparent png or gif. I saved it like I do in PSP but when I posted it on another forum, it has a black background. Can you explain to me how to save it transparent the...
  8. Z

    How to change text color of an image with transparency

    hi. I have a transparent image with some black colored text on it. I need to change that color to a custom color code. I've searched the net for any infos and there are plenty about color changing but not for the transparent ones sadly. Tried to simply select text and fill but didn't work out...
  9. Z

    how to make trasparent / kill white areas

    Hello! this may be trivial but I have a stamp image with plain white background and I want to make it transparent. the magic eraser tool does not seem to work as it has many tiny scratches on the red stamp tint. The best I was able to do is with Refine edge but I noticed some opacity of the red...
  10. C

    day to night advice!5946&authkey=!AAX3Lr3HNws7YtI&ithint=video%2cmp4 Recently for fun I started doing a few day to night conversions which I'm told turned out pretty good. I have been having difficulty with the windows. Usually they turn out so you have a...
  11. M

    Newbie trying to make simple changes to category images please help!

    Hello, I'm new to PS and new to this forum, so be kind! I need to edit the font used in my product category images and to do it I have tried filling the text in with the matching colour, and then retype the text. However the images have been created (as you can see) with a transparent layer...
  12. D

    transparent lettering?

    Is there a way to make transparent lettering? Just the lettering outline with no inner colors (using photoshop 7)?
  13. T

    Trying to make an action: replace all images in a batch with a specific image?

    Hi all. Can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Basically I want a batch action to take a folder full of images, retain the filenames, but replace all target images in the batch with duplicates of one specific source image. Things I've tried: Pasting from the clipboard seems to be no good...
  14. afr0taku

    First composite evar; help?

    Hi, hi~ So last night I took a stab at my first composite evar. It's going pretty well, but I wanted to try something crazy before I send the client the final. So I have this Japanese Tower with which I want to cut out the dark negative space between the bars (I added a blown out version of...
  15. C

    Illustrator Transparency for Grouped Objects

    Keeping things simple, I have a black circle with text numbers on top of it (brought forward). I need help figuring out how I can edit the objects so that the black circle has transparent numbers through it. Imagine the circle having the numbers cut out of it. This will be printed on a...
  16. N

    logo transparency HELP

    need help from somebody who is willing to take a few moments to make me a transparent high def version of the nike swoosh logo, needs to be a large logo, no specific dimensions. just need one that's clear when blown up. Thank you so much in advance!!
  17. D

    How can I make this?

    I want to make this exact effect except have it say something else.
  18. T

    Illustrator problem in exporting wmf file in Illustrator

    Hi Everyone, I am facing a problem in Illustrator while exporting wmf file. When type a text and export the picture as wmf, the exported wmf file has text with transparent background, whereas placing a transparent (png, gif) picture and exporting to wmf comes with a white background ... The same...
  19. M

    An effect similar to "Define as Brush" without any actual brush-making.

    I know that title doesn't really make much sense, but what I want to do is very specific and I can't imagine that there isn't a way to do it. I illustrate using ink, sometimes pencil, and when I bring those lines into Photoshop I often recolor them. So far I've only needed to recolor smaller...
  20. T

    Quick question about transparent PNG overlays in Photoshop

    Hello, First post, recently I have run into a problem with Photoshop. I am currently working with a client trying to make graduated transparent PNG overlays. I am in charge of creating different filter overlays for a new phone application (somewhat similar to intstagram, but not.) I am able to...