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  1. T

    Specific Edit out branches and leaves

    Hello, I would like to have a version of this 4K image that is free of the branches on the top and bottom. Ideally like this displate: Thank you so much to anyone who can help me out =)
  2. D

    Specific Remove Tree Branches From Image

    I'm looking for a guru to see if they can remove the tree branches at the top of the image that are also interfering with the farmhouse.
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Tree Variations

    On my last post Eggy (our new moderator) suggested to add a tree to my work. From this most useful link for 3D objects I downloaded a tree and created these series of images in BLENDER. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.
  4. inkpad.t

    Under the dragon tree.

    Got board, so i did this quick for something to do. used. all images can be found on pixabay.
  5. agentmoeller

    Brushes This worked out nicely....

    I turned this tree into this brush.
  6. F

    Straighten Tree in pot, if possible

    I just came across this site and have a request. I have tried to straighten the tree myself, but I honestly don't have the skills. The first potted tree is the one I would like straightened. Any help, including suggestions to do it myself, is greatly appreciated.
  7. C

    Please edit my dog photo for me!

    Can someone please photoshop the picture of my dog with the sign into the picture with the Christmas tree and photoshop the dog out of that picture?
  8. Eggy

    Wise Men's Tree

    I started with these two base images In the first image I had to erase every modern human presence. I had a lot of work cutting out the tree and eliminating the highlights and shadows. I also used pictures of native Americans and horses, ropes ect... to get this
  9. D

    How to i make this pasted photo look natural in another?

    This is my image, please have a look at it before hand. What i want to do with this photo: I am completing a project for my ART assignment and i was given a theme. Nightlights. What i had on mind was to have a bright blue moon reflecting its light on jungles and accompanied by a dark medieval...
  10. B

    Need photoshop expert help $50 paypal

    Hi there, I am currently working on a project and need someone to do the following task. Attached is the image of what I am trying to achieve. Basically, I have a photo with a tree. I need someone to help create the text layer that looks like it has been engraved into the tree just like the...
  11. chrisdesign

    Magic Golden Tree

    Only once a year the golden tree blooms at night in this fantasy story. It has the power to heal diseases in humans and animals. That is why the locals use this opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the tree in order to benefit from the magical powers. Destiny would have it that my daughter with...
  12. S

    Illustrator Type along object edge.

    HI, Im having an issue in illustrator and was hoping someone here might have the answer. I'll explain exactly what i'm doing as I'm think I may be getting confused between paths and objects. I downloaded a free vector image of a tree and have it set the way I would like, I'd now like to have...
  13. Paul

    The official PSG Christmas tree challenge

    Add to the PSG christmas tree, it's looking a little bare and in need of some decorations, show us your crazy/original or just good old traditional additons. Have some holiday fun, go on - no critiques so don't be shy.
  14. S

    Handrawn photoshop artwork

    I think this ones pretty much a fail. I just couldn't get it clean, but it was nice for pracrtice.
  15. ibclare

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays GURUS! XMAS Tree ANIM

    Just a little something I felt inspired to do. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas but many celebrate the time of year. The darkest days come to an end and the light is lengthening. We shine our lights and hold festivities to brighten and warm the dark and the cold. Well, my culture is...
  16. Z

    Free to use: Tree bark texture

    since you photoshop gurus have been so nice in welcoming me into the community, i thought i's give a little something that could be useful to you in the near future. direct from my camera is a few of tree bark photos that can be used as textures i can happily post up here for you lot to use as...
  17. A

    Alpha for tree?

    How to make alpha channel for tree that can be used anywhere once I have alpha.
  18. kroeshi

    Spring bliss

    Hi everyone i just joined PSG and thought i'll post a pic i did earlier and please be as honest as possible and all criticism is welcomed so please let me know what you think :) taken with with a n95 cam.