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  1. D

    Photo edit request! Background removal

    Hi there, I was hoping someone way more skilled than I could could edit this photo to remove the background and leave only the horse, Rider, bow and if possible the trail of water splashes. I want to turn it into a solid black silhouette for a logo. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it very...
  2. R

    Turn My Wife Into A Vampire

    Hoping someone can help me turn my wife into a vampire. I attached a reference photo to kind of mimic or if you want to go totally on your own and come up with something, I am totally open. But definitely want to remove the braces, add fangs, and clean up the picture a little to make it a...
  3. E

    How can I disable this thing?

    Hi, when i double click a text this popup comes. how can i turn it off?
  4. D

    Photoshop an Atom Logo

    I'm trying to make a logo myself in photoshop. I'm new to photoshop but learn fairly quick. I'm trying to make a custom logo similar to the attached image, but with a few differences here and there. My main issue is how to make the rings. I've been able to make ellipses that turn out fatter at...
  5. Y

    Can someone make a flat design with this logo.

    I have worked this logo i make a added the text and everything :) but i don't like it anymore .:neutral: so i really wanna turn it to a flat designed logo. If anyone of you guys can do that favor for me by turn the png to flat with adding that text ' Moroccan Mad Animal' please
  6. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  7. T

    After running an action I get this on the panel

    Why does the layer turn this color after running this action?
  8. W

    How to turn a sphere into a rectangle?

    Hello, I've searched the forums but haven't found any similar post. Basically I have a sphere that I want to turn into a rectangle. I guess the best way for me to describe it is the reverse of taking the left and right sides of a landscape photo and bending them up and around to form a...
  9. T

    Turn an object in 2D photo with 3D feel

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new on Photoshop, but I'm about to have a greatest thing in my life and would like to prepare some great photo/video in my party, I would like to modify an object in a picture and turn the object into 3D feel (Below example from youtube is exactly what I want...
  10. Paul

    Image deletion question.

    When i open my images folder in Photoshop and i want to delete some files i no longer require how can i turn off the 'are you sure' question for removal if at all?
  11. M

    geometrical colors

    Hey guys, I'm trying to achieve the effect below but not sure how. I only found one way of doing it using Boken to turn that into a mosaic. Any other ideas?
  12. C

    Advanced help needed bad

    I am trying to put a catalog together of my indian artifacts. I need to turn a color picture into an actual drawing with pencil shading. I can turn my pictures into black and white sketch,but need help and instructions on how to put brush strokes in the place of the shading. I cant do each one...
  13. gedstar

    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Not sure if anybody has come across this before, but I'm actually amazed at what it can do to your brush stroke. Only started playing around with it and it's got plenty of features to play around with. Image below is me writing my name with a normal brush, as you can see it's not the best, but...
  14. gedstar

    Photoshop CC2015 easter egg

    Just came across this on another site you can turn the Edit Toolbar icon into a banana, shift right click and shift click the fly out menu, you don't have to make any changes and shift click Done. You have to wonder who finds these things
  15. G

    Turn 3d model into digital painting

    Hello, So I have been trying for a while now to turn this picture: into this style of image: Now after reading and watching a lot of tutorials on the subject I came up with that mediocer result: wich looks like garbage if you ask me...I used the following techniques: Reduce noise...
  16. A

    new guy on board

    Hi, hope all of you guys are good and in good health. I wish you all merry christmas. i am new to photoshop and i want to learn more about it. i am trying to start with a project but i have having some challenges. I am trying to turn a picture into a pencil drawing, i have followed the...
  17. M

    Tool Tip Problem

    I am using PS CS5 with Win 7 Pro and am having a longstanding problem with a tooltip popping up when I try to click the X to close an image. This is senseless because the stupid thing is giving me the same information that is already there and it blocks the attempt to click the X. I don't want...
  18. J

    Turning a 3D image into 2D

    I downloaded a PSD image from the net which is a 3D image. Is it possible to edit this image and turn it into a 2D image so I'm looking at it face on? Appreciate the help, JH
  19. hershy314

    New lens

    I finally got a new lens for my camera, got myself a SIGMA 70-210MM F/4-5.6 UC LENS FOR CANON EF MOUNT. The price was pretty good which is why I got it. But now I'm having trouble. I was told this lens would work with my camera, a Canon EOS Rebel XTi, but when I try to take a photo it tells me...
  20. J

    Turn this image from day to night

    Hello everyone. I am trying to turn a image from day to night. I have googled and followed few tutorials... but I still couldn't get the night effect I wanted. Above is the picture I tried to edit. I tried to use hue & saturation, camera raw filter and curves... the house seemed ok, but the sky...