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  1. A

    Specific Suit and Hair Patches

    Paste Suit looking realistic (Such that no one can tell the difference) And fix hair gaps make it round He should look smart Plz edit this i really need it
  2. A

    Specific Photoshop a crown on my dog

    Heyy I need help in photoshopping a crown on my dog's head. Would really appreciate it if this can be done ASAP. I'm attaching a photo of my dog and also some preferred crown images. You could use whichever looks more realistic, or if you find a better crown image you could use that as well...
  3. taylor2121

    Specific Back Ground

    Hey thanks so much in advance. Can somene add a crowd in the background of these photos Scouts, and Coaches is what I'm referring to exactly. They can be blurred out if need be. In the post I've included an example of what they should look like. Mod edit: deleted watermarked pictures.(See rules)
  4. S

    Please Help!! Urgent!!!

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with my logo. I have the basics of it down, but i would love it if someone gave it a white outline and make it look a bit nicer. Its for my schools new gaming club. I also would like it to have some color corrections. Thank you for your time and sorry for...
  5. T

    Help with bamboo project (Specific)

    So I need a bamboo for a presentation with some large roots, but what happens is that mine only has a couple and they are very small. So if you guys can help me, and photoshop the photos, making more and larger roots and maybe some leafes I would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  6. L

    (Hopefully) A quick job.

    Hi, I need to add a beard and lengthen hair. Perhaps an odd request (only just joined), but I need someone to take a photo, and lengthen the hair and add a beard. The kicker is, I don't know what I'd like the end result to look like, specifically. Background: the photo is of a 23yo man by the...
  7. C

    photoshop out the tiny bit of white collar please

    Hi, we sadly lost our pet cat after 19 years with us. I want to put a nice picture in a frame for the family for xmas but there is a bit of white collar that sticks out with ruins the whole photo. Could someone get rid of it please so it just looks like black fur and whiskers if thats...
  8. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  9. L

    Please edit me and my boyfriend out of this picture.

    Is it possible for me and my boyfriend to be edited out of this picture so JUST the door is showing? So there's no people in the picture, just the background/door. Thanks!
  10. J

    Need Help Asap

    Hello, My uncle is getting married on Saturday, and his bride to be tasked me to make this happen. I am obviously super stressed. I need 2 photos edited. The older photo of my grandparents, I would love if someone could fill in the parts that she cut out in order to put it in an oval frame...
  11. C

    Business Card Design! $50 Paypal

    Hello, I'm in need of a new business card design. I have a reference image of a card that I basically want replicated with my info. It will need to be sized to fit a standard business card with rounded corners, just like in the photo. Instead of the initials as the logo, I would like to do a...
  12. B

    Hi - Urgent help need with replacing background

    Hi, First off, my name is Brandon, I'm 19 and I'm a student at the University of Greenwich studying Film & Television Production. Now, the problem I have is this, I had a last minute photoshoot where I didn't have the best equipment with me which has left me and my limited Photoshop...
  13. B

    Help! ASAP Cannot Colour

    Hi all, i thought id try here to see if you can help me. I am trying to colour the BW as i did in the first picture. (i did it ages ago and cannot remember how)I am struggling becuase there is so many layers and i am unable to get it to turn white without blending in with the red ( picture...
  14. N

    Can someone improve the resolution on this image?

    This is image is going to be blown up onto an advertising sign but comes out really blurry when done. Can someone improve the resolution or make sharper?
  15. J

    Neon Skyline Edit. Needs to be done ASAP.

    Hi there, I'm new to this photoshop guru page but It was recommended that if i needed help, here was the best place to ask for it. I have the rights to the following image: Now I have seen a copyrighted image which i will insert down below and was wondering if someone could edit the above...
  16. P

    Urgent photoshop help needed! :((

    Hey people! I've to create a poster using photoshop for my school project (Its an exam btw so I really really need serious help!) but I have never used photoshop in my life before. I tried to create the poster but then I struggled a lot for a few days. :( I have drafted out the design by...
  17. W

    I need help cropping myself into a picture of the Carrowinds Gates. Can anybody help?

  18. N

    Need Urgent Help

    Hi every one i am new to this forum and i need help of of Photoshop effect here i am explaining what i need is i have seen many photos were people with jewellery and those photos were changed with Photoshop effects to that only gold jewellery with gold color and remaining photo will b in black...
  19. L

    Can someone please help with a PS project? URGENT!!!

    hi, this is for a school project and im having a LOT of trouble with step 7: copying the W onto my logo. How do i trace it so that it looks EXACTLY like it does from the original picture and paste it onto my logo? if you could help that'd be great, thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently since...
  20. J

    Actions URGENT: Need help getting Actions to download from Facebook

    I have actions that were created on a MAC. I am posting them on FB for download. They download fine on a MAC but on a PC they are not downloading. Have tried various browsers with various negative results. If you can help and maybe go on chat for details please reply asap. Thanks