1. M

    My watermark brush is transparent

    I've created a logo on a transparent layer. It's an eclipse with a carbon pattern and my name going through with a downloaded metallic style. I've made it into a brush, but when I use it on my images, the logo is half transparent and I can see color from the image shining through. How can that...
  2. D

    Protecting a design

    So, I had a first happen to me today. I had a client of mine email me saying their logo was stolen and being used on products for sale. She asked me if she had all the rights to the design and I told her yes. She paid me the money and I relinquished all the rights over to her. I found the...
  3. P

    Car edit

    Hey guys! Can someone help me make a gift for my friend? He loves his car and i would like to make it look more stylish. Sadly he doesent have the money to modify it, but at least he can have a picture of it modified :D So. I want the car to look lower, and put some new rims on it. Also i would...
  4. D

    Clean and Remove watermark 1980's Pic

    Hi Gurus, The attached pic is of my Dads first truck he drove when he was 19, on Tuesday he turns 50. I was hoping to print off the pic and frame it for him, but it looks very poor and the watermark is a pain. I have tried to find the original picture, with no success, and when i tried to PS it...
  5. danny300z

    Image Watermark help

    Hello Everyone! I need something creative help. I don't really know how to use photoshop that well other than basic functions. I have recently started getting serious about my photography, and had just picked out my watermark. My Photography alias is "Mr. Infinity". I had outlined my watermark...
  6. C

    Batch Watermarking Images with different PPI

    Trying to figure out how I can batch watermark images with different PPI. My current method: Open Actions: Create action-Watermark Record I open the image I want to watermark, all horizontal/vertical images I place my watermark symbol (.png file) - File - Place Resize the watermark, then...
  7. Niki_jt

    New Girl From West Yorkshire ! bit of help required . . . . .

    Hi All It's been a while since i have done anything on PS, i'm using CS6 and i need to watermark an image but can not for the life of me remember how :lol: Any assistance graciously received :) Thanks
  8. H

    facebook watermark

    how to facebook watermark like this image?
  9. C

    How to create a watermark

    Hey guys, I've seen a lot of people wondering how to make a watermark, so I thought I would help anyone out who needed it, and I made a video describing how to VERY fast and easily make a watermark you can reuse over and over again on different photos. I hope you find it useful!! Link to video...
  10. L

    Watermark and move tool problems - Please help before I pop!

    Hi everyone, I have not been using PS Elements 10 for long but had managed to create a watermark of my logo that I then saved as a layer or PSD file separately. This worked fine to begin with, I opened the file and the photo and just dragged it on and then could resize it and change the...
  11. P

    Scripting Text watermark script for CS5 or better.

    This script is for Photoshop CS5 or better! It will NOT work on earlier versions! Many people struggle with adding a text watermark or adding the documents filename. Well here is a script that will help. Once set up the text will look the same on any sized document! You can add two line of...
  12. A

    REQUEST: Help with watermark and resizing b&w photos!

    can someone please PLEASE help me remove the watermark from these photos?? if this is NOT something i should be posting, i will quickly exeunt. if it is something worth looking at, i would love to see the finished product/hang the images in my room. i just LOVE these pictures and i can't justify...
  13. G

    Photograph watermark examples

    Hello, I'm looking to start watermarking my original photography that I send out as proofs. I want to create a noticeable but not obnoxious watermark that isn't easily photoshopped off or cropped out. So I am looking for examples. I've searched Google, but I'd like human response. If...
  14. S

    need a logo for watermark

    name of my photography company i own and run by myself is Visual Precision. I need a fancy schmancy logo to use as a watermark and also to be tought how to stamp my pics with this watermark on ps cs3. thanks u!
  15. D

    Transparent Batch WATERMARK your photos video tutorial

    Difficulty: Beginner please reply if this video was useful so that i can make more photoshop videos