1. Stric9

    Photoshop Challenge Week #10

    Hey everybody give a round of applause to Paul for week 9 challenge. Thanks Paul for asking me to do challenge number 10. This week may seem like kind of a drag to some but I enjoy working with channels and channel based selections. So this week we have HAIR SELECTIONS. For Hair...
  2. Hoogle

    Photoshop Challenge Week #8

    FIRE & ANIMATION The Challenge This is a more open thread than usual because I am not fully sure on what versions of photoshop allows animation. Ok challenge 1 is to create an animation using photoshop Icould not find many tutorials on this subject so created 1 just for this purpose please...
  3. Z

    Photoshop Challenge Week #7

    here's to hoping i did this right :lol: Very well done to all the participants in week #6 all your works were fantastic! And thanks to Luna for hosting it! I was given the honor by Belial, to choose this week's challenge :D yay! This week's challenge is: --The themes of your wallpapers...
  4. dv8_fx

    Photoshop Challenge Week #5

    TO ALL MEMBERS AND PARTICIPANTS : In keeping with Belial's idea of a weekly Photoshop Challenge/Contest, new challenges are to be released EVERY SUNDAY. Congrats to PAUL for topping the last challenge. WELL DONE and keep up your creative spirit. With little prodding from Belial that I get...
  5. ibclare

    Photoshop Challenge Week #4

    Hi all you Photoshop Gurus! This week the pleasure is mine to create the challenge. I thought I would continue along the same lines of our creations the last couple weeks with a different twist (pun intended). This week's Challenge #4, is all about Transformations: Free Transform, Puppet Warp...