1. Eggy

    3D Blender - Tube Chair

    Just showing what I've done the last week...
  2. Eggy

    Pets enjoying the pool

    Last week I wasn't very active on the forum because we had something they called a 'heat wave' with temp over 30° C the whole past week. No need to say I spend more time in my temporary pool with my wife and our pets. I'd like to share some shots of this event... :biglaff: For a change I...
  3. D

    Need Advice/Help on big project

    I have a project building sliders for my website. However, in the past week I've found a couple of things to be a bit difficult and have a couple of differents Posts going already. I want to take a normal size picture and reduce the size a bit then put a gradient over the top. I am supposed...
  4. gedstar

    Deal of the Week: All-Inclusive Photography Bundle (93% off)

    Just found this https://deals.ghacks.net/sales/adobe-knowhow-photography-skills-course-bundle Alas the offer is ending in 2 days
  5. T

    Policy on web updates for new clients?

    To my fellow web designers: What are your policies on updates to new clients and their website? After I build a site and get the o.k from the client that its pretty much done and approved I usually give them a week to make or add any minor changes before I start changing. What does everyone...
  6. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  7. C

    My Designs

    ...from last week I hope you'll enjoy it.
  8. S

    How To Illustrate Bowser (Photoshop speedpaint video)

    Hi guys! I'm an illustrator from Australia and I've made a video on how to paint Bowser from Nintendo - I'd love to hear if this has helped anyone and I'm making these once per week if you would like to subscribe :) Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdmdz_eAxRA
  9. iDad

    chop shop week 4 competition

    I made it fairly easy, and less time consuming This is / was my car, I sold it. I used it to learn chopping skills here is just the car,a good size to work with it will need a bit of trim work to get it where you need to be with it but hey.........:mrgreen: Okay heres the deal: create a...
  10. Hoogle

    week 3 voting and chop shop winner

    Due to the amount of entries and limited tools I have your not voting on a particular image as such you are voting on a member so same principal whichever image you like you put your vote on the member. ***************************************** Paul...
  11. colleague

    chop shop week 3 competition

    change this car picture in something you like :)
  12. Hoogle

    Chop shop week 2 voting and winner

  13. Hoogle

    Week 1 Chop Shop voting and winner.

    VOTING BEGINS The time has come all entries are in and it is time to vote the winner. at the top of the thread you will see a poll with A B C D E F G H I below is images with a letter on which ever 1 you like best look at the letter in red and vote for it in the poll every registered user gets...
  14. ibclare

    Photoshop Gurus Forum Challenge Week #17

    Hi all; Welcome to week 17. This week concentrates more on photography than design and is very open to your ideas and something you want to learn more about. It is to take one (or multiple) of your photos and enhance it in any way you like, using 2 or 3 techniques to tke it up a notch. Here are...
  15. Hoogle

    Photoshop challenge week 16# ????????

    Ok Guys I am Guessing Paul is not around to do a challenge So I have taken it upon myself to Sub in after just realising it has not been done, and I know some of you enjoy it. However this is a spare of the moment thing so free for all I have not put any preporation into this. So the challenge...
  16. Pebbiez

    Photoshop Challenge week 15

    Last week's photoshop challenge was fun, and I learned a few new tricks! This week I was given the honors (joygasm! haha). So I present to you this tutorial Photoshop Photo Effects Old Photo - Vintage Effect Tutorial This is what I have previously done with it: Different textures...
  17. Paul

    Photoshop Challenge week 14

    First off a big thanks to FENIX for the last challenge, i think we all enjoyed it:) This weeks challenge is from me as others are busy and thats fine, it's not compulsary - just a bit of fun guys, maybe next time? This week i would like us to all try the photo booth film strip tut, you can...
  18. fenix

    Photoshop Challenge week # 13

    Dear fellow Jedi´s of the dark pixel. The time has come! I have been offered the noble task by Sir Paul and Lady Vaffan to try and prepare the ground for the next upcoming battle. And yes, It might seem a bit difficult at a first and especially so if you never been there trying… and to be...
  19. Vafann

    Photoshop Challenge week # 12

    Ok guys, I have been trying to think up a challenge that hasn’t been done yet. What I haven´t seen much at all here, is anyone making any vector shapes with the PEN TOOL ! (Ok don´t scream). I have avoided that thing as much as I can,though I have used it to cut things out with, I haven´t used...
  20. Sierraccr

    Photoshop Challenge Week #11

    Photoshop Challenge Week #11 Last week's challenge was truly that - challenging. I know I learned a lot and I think everyone honed their haircutting skills. Many thanks to Stric9!!! Paul has given me the privilege of asking that I do this week's challenge. One of the key elements of design...