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  1. A

    Help! How to improve Photoshop/LR efficiency

    Hi all, I’m a new photographer but I’ve worked in Photoshop and Lightroom for a while. I just bought a new iMac (3GHz quad-core i5, 6MB shared L3 cache, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive, 2GB VRAM) and my photo editing workflow in these two apps has pretty much come to a halt. I start in Lightroom...
  2. IamSam

    Colorize Me! Photo 1

    I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now, but have just fallen behind. My day job is keeping me very busy lately. Since the subject has been brought up by revnart, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get it started. Anyway, this is for everyone to participate in...
  3. J

    Fine Art Workflow Triage—Helping a Photographer Master Process Color

    I have an unusual challenge in that I am working with an arts institution and using their photography of art works in a typical Gracol workflow. The photographer comes from a background that does not include any concept of offset lithography. I am attempting to help with some very basic...
  4. V

    3D Using Vue in workflow

    Does any one using Vue (e-onsoftware) in their workflow, to create backdrops or atmospheres?
  5. T

    Is it possible to make use of the temporary hand tool (space) w/o global influence?

    Is it possible to make use of the temporary hand tool (space) without the panning being applied globally to all open .psd documents? This question is relevant only for people who want to improve workflow.
  6. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  7. R

    Greetings, gurus!

    Hi all, I'm Richard, a newbie to this site, but not to PS. Been using it, albeit in a fairly basic way from CS2 to CS6. As my photography commitments have increased it has become obvious to me that my workflow needs attention. As a result, I've experimented with actions and am becoming a tad...
  8. R

    Photoshop Workflow

    Hi folks. I'm writing a paper on this and was wondering whether you could help me with this. Can you describe your Photoshop workflow when it comes to creating textures from photographs? Any type of texture (used for different things, maybe 3D use such as Maya, UDK) Thanks!
  9. T

    Digital Photo Restoration - Timelapses

    Hi everyone, :) I'm currently doing a series of digital photo restoration and I'm recording the hole process. If you have interest in see the workflow. Here's a link: I hope you guys can learn something and teach me anything. I expect your feedback. Last one...
  10. P

    Produce large Files (100 meters and more) working with low and high resolution files

    We are currently working on an architecutre project for which we have to make printed curtains/screens. The maximum of one Curtain is about 180 meters (600ft). Over the 180 meters we have a pattern, which makes it not so easy to split files into pieces (color gradients, a.m.m.) Our printing...
  11. D

    Looking for a workflow to achieve bright vibrant photo's

    Hi. I am new here. I just got into photography about a yr. ago. I know how to take a great picture and I have a decent workflow using actions in Photoshop to post process but I am looking for an action set or something that will make my photo's BRIGHT and VIBRANT. I want to be able to pump...
  12. A

    My photoshop workflow! [New Video]

    A new video I recorded of me making a free flyer template, you can also download the source files at the end of the video. What do you guys think?
  13. Hoogle

    Hoogles Workflow

    Ok this is an experimental thread to see how you guys like it. The idea is that it is not just a tutorial as such but more emphasis on how I would create an image from start to end. I will be sharing with you everything using screen capture video. Some of these sessions will be 10 mins long or...
  14. K

    After Effects New bidirectional workflow with After Effects and 3ds Max

    Something we've been working on with Adobe, it's part of our new subscription release we announced today: - Render passes (State Sets) - Adobe After Effects bidirectional interop - Node-based pre-compositing UI - Layered Photoshop PSD output - ActiveShade for iray - .Net wrapper for SDK The...
  15. A

    Workflow for looping tiles

    I have CS4 Extended and I'm working on a series of looping 32x32 tiles. I could really use some help with my workflow. At present I have two documents. I'll push some pixels around in my 32x32 window, Edit > Define Pattern. Next I grab my 500x500 window, hit Edit > Fill > Pattern to see how it...