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  1. G

    Photo Edit YouTube Banner

    MY FIRST YOUTUBE BANNER CREATION ATTEMPT ! Please provide any constructive feedbacks if you are willing to.
  2. K

    Vlog title images

    Can someone please help me make these pictures see through as well as more professional and modern? I am looking to have the same font as Rogue fitness equipment has and make them look awesome for my Vlogs for youtube at the beginning and be a great T-shirt. Any suggestions would be great...
  3. B

    After Effects Serious questions for video editors

    I have been searching everywhere for the answers to these stupid questions so my last hope is this. I am very sorry for the wall of text, please help me if you can. And this is for YOUTUBE only unless told otherwise 1. For uploading videos to youtube, is simply uploading the RENDERED video...
  4. J

    YouTube stuff

    Just made this for my YouTube account.
  5. O

    Star Wars - Button Artwork

    I need a fun photoshop done! I'm looking for a re-enactment from a deleted scene of The Force Awakens. Chewbacca Rips off Unkar Plutt's Arm. You can see the clip on youtube here: Looking to make a cool button for a Star Wars Convention coming...
  6. D

    Custom Transparent Logo Needed!

    I need someone to use they're creative liberties and create a transparent logo for me that would be used in like a youtube intro for example. You can use my last name "Tomlin" (prefered) or take your own creative choice.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. K

    Hi there, i'm kzOFFBEAT!

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little. My name is Mattias (kzOFFBEAT), I come from Sweden and i've been working with photoshop for almost 6 years, but were away for 2 years in between. I love photo manipulations and clean compositions the most but have a pretty good all around...
  8. A

    After Effects Help with my project please.

    Hello all. I am a beginner to Adobe after effects and i started my first project not long ago. I finished my project following a guide on youtube. But now i stumbled upon a question that i hope you can help me with. For reference: This is the guide i followed...
  9. A

    How to do an hd effect ( simmilar to pic )

    Hi guys ! New on this website . I just like to learn new things and make edits , So I came across this guy who seems pretty good and I really wanna learn how to do this HD (Dont really know what to call it ) Effect with photoshop , I've looked over youtube but found nothing . Would be glad if...
  10. M

    Looking for partner!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for someone (boy or girl) skilled/loyal partner to make small business in designs like selling logo, avatar, overlay (stream), gaming logos, YouTube banner and all, also helping people like making tutorials and editing, if you are interested. Please contact me for more...
  11. J

    Need someone to make professional logo and header for a youtube

    Hello every one so i want someone to make pretty logo for my youtube chanel and i am arabic gamer girl so i want it to be littel bit bad ass and in the same time cute my youtube chanel name is : Joie DL3
  12. B

    From black and white to colour assistançe

    I'm looking to get a photo of my late grandad from black and white to colour. I'm no photoshop guru, but was wondering if u guys knew of a service that performs this task. I've bee searching for months with no luck. I've tried YouTube videos and guides but I just don't have it in me........any...
  13. S

    YouTube Banner Please

    Hi, im just looking for a simple youtube banner. I play a lot of games and mainly Fifa and would like the text Sitruc in the middle please. For example, my main games are pokemon and fifa, so maybe have a stadium on the left with alexis sanchez, and a pokemon theme on the right with manectric...
  14. T

    Turn an object in 2D photo with 3D feel

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new on Photoshop, but I'm about to have a greatest thing in my life and would like to prepare some great photo/video in my party, I would like to modify an object in a picture and turn the object into 3D feel (Below example from youtube is exactly what I want...
  15. J

    My introduction (and some help?)

    Hi everyone My name is James. I'm a keen amateur photographer and mountaineer from Scotland. I've always played around with photoshop and watched some youtube videos but recently I've been trying to get more into it. My non-arty brain struggles sometimes when I see some of the amazing pictures...
  16. M

    [RQ] Image edit

    Hello all photographers, I have a request for you (a birthday surprise), a rather simple one for advanced professionals like you. Can someone edit the picture and make in a purpulish style by adding some of these "gold teeth". You can get creative and add some abstract purpulish effects, etc ...
  17. E

    Youtube banner 75% finished - What to change?

    Hey PS Gurus, What would you change of the Youtube banner I'm working on? It's supposed to give the impression that you'll see lots of traveling on the channel, however my friend said his first impression was "painting tutorials". :confused: I might add captions such as: Behind the scenes |...
  18. L

    Hi all

    Hi, i'm new to Photoshop, learning it myself online by watching and coping youtube videos. Would appreciate all the help and tips
  19. N

    I need help creating a youtube profile picture for my friend.

    His youtube is Dr. Deletus PhD. He would like a picture of a PhD stating that is awarded to Dr. Fetus Deletus in the degree of deleting fetuses. (He is an odd one). It needs to be 1200 x 800. It wont let me post the picture I had so you have nearly all creative control. Please email me at...
  20. F

    Banner for youtube

    Hi there, may I request a youtube banner please from one of you designers? I need it quite professional and very attractive looking. I would be more comfortable providing the request details over email or skype. Could I take one of them please if you're willing to do it? I will be paying $30 for...