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Action Terminology -- I need help.


I saw this photoshop action the other day I was impressed with. I'm on the hunt for a similar Action but I'm completely lost on what search terms to use in my hunt.

I have 4 images that give you an idea what the action does. I will also use the images to help explain my confusion.

IMAGE 1 -- nothing special here -- just showing you the image loaded into PS.


IMAGE 2 -- Image 2 shows you the first step of the action. It basically gives you an outline of the image and changes the background. I would love to have the background color to be all white but all in all this is ok.


IMAGE 3 - In this image I'm showing that you can use any brush to paint in what you want to show on the image. This is where I get lost in my search. I have been looking for an action that can convert the background like you see in image 2 above and than give you the ability to paint what you want to show in the image. I have used terms like "sketch painting" "pencil painting" "painting image" "brush painting" "mask painting" but I can not find any actions that does what you see in these images.


IMAGE 4 - When you are done brushing , you can continue the action and it will change what you brushed in to look like a painting.


Ok..............I'm looking for actions that basically does the above. The two key elements of the action is how it handles the background and also gives me the ability to use a brush tool to paint what I want seen in the final results. Most actions I seen will just convert the whole image to look like a painting.........I want more control of what is seen in the final results by using a brush to paint what I want seen in the final results. What it converts to in the end isn't important but I would love to find something where I could convert the image so it looks like a painting, a pencil sketch, comic sketch, etc.

You can help me with what to search for or even better yet, if you know where I can find such actions, please point the way.

I spent 2 days on GraphicRiveer with very little luck or what I find did not provide me enough info for me to be certain I was getting what I wanted. Other than GraphicRiver, I have been googling but no luck.



It would be hard to give you an example search term for that specific feature as basically the painting with the brush is just making a selection which the action will be able to defineby turning the area you brush into an active selection, which then can be used for multiple purposes, apply an effect (adobe cs6 and cc not cc 2014 can then apply the oil painting filter for example. Or it can be used to mask out out an area, whilst the action populates the rest of the background or edits either etc.

The most common actions that use these effects are
Particle effects
or any of these http://graphicriver.net/search?utf8=✓&term=dispersion+action

You could look up custom control actions

Sorry it really does not help you much but the painting is 99% just so the action knows where to make a selection.

I have been meaning to do a tutorial series on creating advanced actions which includes this kind of feature, but just have not got around to doing it yet, but check back over the next few weeks and I will probably have started the series.

Or better still subscribe to our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBulkl5TbOoZynv1S78HtuQ

THis is where I will probably upload them and best thing is it is free lol
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