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Basic Pen tool tutorial | Inkz

So I thought I would knock up A quick tutorial on how to Pentool A logo.

Here is what we will be making.

So lets start and open PS. Open the render, select and copy. Then paste in a new 500x500 pixel document. You will need 3 layers. Background, middle layer and the copy of the logo on top. Lower the top layer to opacity 40.

Now select the middle layer and make sure your brush is at 3 pix and the Pen tool settings are like this below.

Now with the Pentool ready. Click on corner of the image, then the other. This will create a line.

Now click on the centre of the line. Then you will see another dot in the middle of the line.

Hold down Ctrl & left mouse button and drag until the line meets up.

Now do the whole image as above.

When done. Right click, select fill path, click ok. Right click again then delete path.

Here is the render for you to use.



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What do you mean by - Open the render, select, copy?.... sorry for being ignorant but I dont know what that means....
A render is a selection of a symbol, object, etc., "rendered" into a png, an image with a transparent BG.

Open the render for this exercise as you would any other file. It is available for you to download in the first image, right click and save.

Or you can click on the bar to make it larger, copy it. In Photoshop, do ctl/cmd + N, then paste the symbol (NY Yankees :mrgreen: ) into the document, and follow the rest of the tutorial.


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Ahh... I didnt exactly understand the terminology on that one. I do know some on the pen tool but the tut is a help. I didnt realize one could grab the line in the middle and reposition it. One of those hidden features I reckon. I watch so many tutorials.... after 10 or 12 I forget the first 7 or 8... lol. Especially if you dont use the techniques often. I know you know what I mean. But anyways I did learn from this thanks so much for the help.

Thanks for your comments guys, this was just a quick intro to using the pen tool. I will make another one very soon. Probably making a cartoon character or something along those lines.
Thanks so much!!! I know realize I cant even draw a straight line (Shakes Head)
:thumbsup: Thats the best news I heard all day!!! Thanks so very much!!!!