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Better letter woman


Vafann, I agree basically with all the above comments. I also lean towards what Senior says about the liking first one better. First I want you to know that I think this is beautiful. I do think the suggestions about varying the type to fit the contours is a good idea. Here are my thoughts:

I liked the first because of its moodiness and mystery, even the 3/4 face added to that. The lips are great and I'd personally save them as a file. But they distract me; they are soooo LIPS. Of course, the absence of lips is what adds to the attraction in the first one. I think the eyes in this one, startling green and large as they are, really take center stage. The lips are like some jealous supporting actress!

So that is just my little thought, less technique than story. Have a good sleep; fresh eyes are good, Clare
Thank you Clare! I understand now what you both you and Senior S mean, the first one was a picture I have taken myself (actually OF myself lol), and the second one was a stock photo. I thought that using a better photo would make everything clearer, and on this one I though that I would make the eyes visible, and I also had fun learning to mask them to change the color :), I understood that the mouth was wrong from the beginning, I shouldn´t have let it show at all now that I think about it.

I have started to notice that people actually like some of the things I just make completely out of my own stuff and head. I have been thinking that it all looks sloppy and not near as good as the things people make with really good stock photos, and really good and advanced techniques.

I think I am going to start to think again, and though I certainly do need to learn a LOT more photoshop and techniques, maybe my own kind of "Sloppy style" is just me, and maybe what I should be trying to do is....(ok, I just lost an English word now "utveckla" in Swedish..)....omg, I hate when I get stuck on a word like that... I can´t remember right now... what I´m looking for is a word like "grow" or "evolve", anyway, maybe that is what I should be trying to do lol. :)