Drawing tablet recommendations?


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I am interested in getting a drawing tablet and i would like some recommendations, I don't want to spend too much on it, maybe something under 80? (94.19$)
If you have experience with different tablets i would love to hear your opinions.
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I highly recommend XP-Pen tablets as well. I have the XP-Pen Artist15.6 , which was, at the time, the medium sized tablet in the Intuos line (I say 'at the time' because mine is over a year old now, and I'm not quite up to speed on their recent offerings). It has good pressure sensitivity, is easy to set up and use, comes with replacement pen nibs, and works well with various graphics programs (including Corel Painter, which is what I use). All I can say is that it's miles ahead of drawing with a mouse.


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As for me, the best choice for a beginner is Wacom Intuos Draw; Wacom Intuos Art; Wacom Intuos Comic; Wacom Intuos Pfoto. I bought Wacom Intuos Comic - good characteristics, price, simplicity. This is if you choose Wacom. But if you liked Huion, then I advise: Huion 1060 Plus, Huion H610 Pro. They are cheaper than Wacom. But almost so good. Maybe a little difference. There are other brands. but personally I'm familiar with Wacom and Huion. Now I have Wacom Cintiq. It was a gift for me. It's just perfect.