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    Paid Redo the main NFL logo - 24 Hours

    I want to redo the main NFL logo from NFL to MAC & J.T. in the center. The options I have are: MAC and J.T. MAC & J.T. MAC + J.T. I want to keep the same colors and shape just by changing the text. I want it in vector format (pdf or ai) in less than 24 hours if possible. Thanks in advance...
  2. G

    Time lapse in duplicated window for digital drawing

    I am trying to make a time lapse of my drawing without all the annoying zooming in and out that happens if I recorded the original window. Basically I duplicate the window that I am drawing in by going to window - arrange - new window for and then the name of the current project. I move the...
  3. C

    Paid Turtle Tattoo Simplification and Style

    Hello! I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of a turtle on my right shoulder blade as a memoir of my mom. I showed this picture to a tattoo artist and he informed me that the design is far too intricate to do on just my shoulder blade and the tattoo would have to be a lot larger for it to look...
  4. carl290

    Specific Draw those white things

    HI Can someone draw those white things in photoshop (I tried but have no skills) Thanks a lot, and stay safe
  5. C

    Specific I need someone to redraw these lines

    So i need this sketch digital and i cant redraw it myself because i only have a mouse. The hearts are not neccessary.
  6. G

    Does anybody know how to create this type of art? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm trying to learn how to do this but struggling.. A lot of the images seem to be based on real photos which is what I'm trying to do. I've seen an artist vaguely describe their method which was that they draw the outlines in ArtRage, and then colour it in Photoshop. I've attached an image of...
  7. O

    Specific Remove part of a drawing (Clear A'tuin paw, Terry Pratchett, Discworld Map)

    Hello everyone ! For a personal creation I need a picture of A'tuin, the discworld tortoise, with all skin part uncovered. I want to remove hippos, owl and "angel" wings part whose are in front of the tortoise paw/leg. Unfortunatly, my desing skill are not that good. Best resolution I can...
  8. C


    Hi all, I have been fascinated with drawing ever since I was a kid, drawing anything I could possibly see, this has stuck with me all through my life, and I am prone to just sitting at my desk with The Batman Begins Score playing on repeat and get lost in a sketch. When I decided to do...
  9. C

    Hi all

    I have been messing around in Photoshop for a while, primarily with photos that I have taken. I used to love to draw pencil to paper so I decided to give it a bash, using my Wacom Intuos, and I'm getting there, currently drawing a lot of animal stuff. After watching a lot of speed art on YouTube...
  10. Unscripted

    Drawing tablet recommendations?

    I am interested in getting a drawing tablet and i would like some recommendations, I don't want to spend too much on it, maybe something under 80? (94.19$) If you have experience with different tablets i would love to hear your opinions.
  11. Azulnauta

    Transform picture into drawing

    Hello, is there a way to use this image: and turn into a drawing like this ones? I know its a different and very rectangular type of machine, but.... :)
  12. I

    Italy Here

    Hello hello! My name is Daniele, i'm from south Italy and i'm studying digital painting and drawing. i've some experience as graphic designer but my ispiration is about drawing and illustrations :)
  13. H

    Qaulity Issue with line work

    Hi, So I've been using PS cs6 for a while, with a particular interest in drawing manga/anime. Obviously for this I will be doing a lot of drawing/linework. Everytime I try and draw, I find it very difficult because I have noticed that my lines seem to be somewhat pixelated or rough. like...
  14. GiovanniPiris

    Question in regards to removing notebook lines from drawing [NOT BLUE LINES]

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and just got finished posting in the introduction thread, so I figured that it'd be ok to go ahead and submit a quick question to the experts on here! I have a bit of a juicy challenge - I have a very complex drawing that I did on lined paper (it was a...
  15. L

    Drawing Base Request

    Hey,I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me out with a small issue I've had for a couple weeks now. For my friend's birthday I'd like to surprise her with a drawing, but I want a picture of her to use as a base. This is the original photo: My aim is to get a closeup of her face...
  16. N

    Need help fixing this drawing of a Pyramid

    I drew this Pyramid using traditional non-digital drawing methods. It's part of a larger art piece but the fact that I drew the Pyramid inaccurately is really bugging me. The front facing edge should run along the line highlighted in red on the left. But instead it follows this very odd and...
  17. S

    A gift for my wife

    Hi guys I have a drawing made by my son, and I want it made real. The rabbit (yes it's a rabbit:-) ) should keep its shape, but be covered with white fur, so it looks like a real rabbit, but with the funny shape it has on the drawing. If possible, I would like the background to be a green...
  18. S

    How to make a portrait like this

    How to make a portrait like this, specially the detailing on face i tried with pen tool, but it's a mess to draw entire image with pen tool using a mouse. please any help would be appreciated
  19. F

    Portrait drawing

    First drawing from photo (by Man Ray 1929) Couldn't get the ear right Sanguine pencil and pastel pencils
  20. D

    Converting Picture to Stylized Line Drawing

    About 4 years ago I made a teeshirt of a friend for an event we were having. I can't remember the process I used to convert a picture to a stylized line drawing and am looking for some assistance. This first picture was the first step in the process on one of the images I worked with...