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  1. W

    Drawing Tablet - Advice please

    Hello along with everything I am trying to teach myself, I would love to have an attempt at digital drawing. I am only looking for a cheap tablet as I Want to test how it works, see if I enjoy it etc. I am currently thinking about buying -...
  2. L

    How do I replicate this effect?

    If someone could explain this to me, I will be really grateful. :( I found an online site, that turn your photo into a drawing with that cool frame "unfinished drawing" and everything. The problem is that that site modify any picture into 4:3 ratio. I've searched all day and played around with...
  3. BobTheWizzard

    Text effect, Drawing or 3D to remake a Logo.

    Over the past hours I've been working on a logo my client want to change. The shape must stay the same, but the style should feel cartoonish, "like most of the Blizzard Entertainment games logos do". Needless to say, this is the first time I'm trying to do something similar, I have no experience...
  4. MikeMc

    Need a favor !

    I need a couple of letters done in a vector file using AI ? I have a logo designed by my friend Dad Braiser....What I need is a letter "P" in the same style. I would try it, but my drawing skills are awful , nor do I have AI. thanks if you can help me!
  5. L

    (frozen) my drawing of anna (pic+video)

    hi guys this is a drawing of anna from frozen i draw it in about 1.30 hour i use faber castell color pencils and hb pencil black pen i hope u guys like it and if u want to see more follow me in my youtube channel
  6. S

    Illustrator Help with jagged line effect in Illustrator

    Hello! I have a question please on how to achieve this uneven jagged line effect in Illustrator. I have previously used live trace to achieve this, either drawing from hand or in PS and then putting it into Illustrator, but is there another way to achieve this without drawing it first in...
  7. C

    New here! a couple of before and after photos!

    Hello everyone! I am new here and this will be my first post! I love drawing and coloring, and recently i've decided i wanted to try to photoshop a couple.
  8. M

    Q: creating the cartoon filter from camera360 ios app in ps

    Hi Did a quick forum search but my network is very slow here( its my vacation adress) so i ask my question before i do finish a full search .On my iphone i havce this great app called camera360 it has a very nice cartoon effect . I would like to achieve this in PS.But how ? Havent found any...
  9. Jessicayla

    Cartoon me!

    Long time no see, everyone. I'm liking the new forum layout :D Anywho, I made a drawing, as seen here: And turned it into an icon for myself! I suck at coloring so I think that was my major downfall here but I like the end result. Any tips on good brushes to help color in stuff like this and...
  10. L

    Motion tween destroys my character. Help please.

    Every time i insert a motion tween on my character, he disorts and lines drawn over, will come to the front. It frustrates me, that i can't make a motion tween on my character, without him beeing destroyed. How do i prevent this?
  11. S

    How get this effect? [Dixit]

    I am working on a drawing project in Photoshop, and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on tools that can help a drawing or photo look like a Dixit - card game - drawing. See attached: thanks in advance, andrei
  12. B

    Illustration issue

    I'm attempting to do an illustration of Freddie Mercury in Photoshop. At the moment, I can't get the jacket to look right at all. Any idea what the issue could be?
  13. Andy000

    Simple line help

    Hey, I know this is probably a super simple question but I've been wanting to know how to draw thin thin lines like the poster below. Using the pen tool always seems to fill in the space and the ends need to be joined up to end drawing it, they also seem to have a glow and gradient on them in...
  14. I

    Digital Painting on PS

    I am new to digital painting, and would like to get to know it better. Right now, I want to mimic the style of the attached image. My question is: how do I archive this look? (i.e. what brushes do I use, what tools? Blur? Smudge? etc.) So basically, I'm hoping that someone will be kind enough to...
  15. N

    Picture tweak needed

    Heya, 'shoppers! All right, I'm still learning Photoshop, and I don't have the skill yet needed to fix this picture. Could you please put a black glove on his left hand (the one not holding the cane). The glove should cover all skin seen. The undershirt needs to be something not black. An...
  16. A

    Speed-Painting Videos

    Hello, here are some of my speed painting videos. I will post my new videos here when i finish them. Dragon: Shark Pretty Girl Ravange...
  17. D

    Turn picture to line art drawing ?

    Hello :D ! Please: how can I turn a picture to line art drawing? for example: before: after:
  18. C

    Characters And Painting

    I am currently working on somthing that will require me to make cartoon characters and color them. So far ive drawn them on paper and put them on my computer. My plan was to scan the image to my computer and use it as a template to place vectors over and reshape them. After about three hours...
  19. Joshlll

    Need a photoshop artist, to help change around a image for me please.

    Hi all, so I have a idea to alter a photo if anyone out there would be so kind to help bring my idea to life. I would be very grateful to see what you all come up with. My idea is as follows, I would like to change this Bart Simpson photo around. I want it to be a baby Lisa Simpson with her...
  20. Dreamers

    Drawing fun

    Thought I would share this one. I realy like this. This is how it's done, " make a new background (white) any size you want , paint loads of diferent colours, make a new layers and fill it with black and start erasing with a brush you like on it". It's just one of those things you just...