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  1. webwize

    Ongoing attempt at Digital Painting

    Hi All I thought I would start a thread that follows my attempt to draw an image, put it into Photoshop and color it. My hope is that along the way I can get some hints, tips, pointers to useful tutorials and constructive criticism... Then at the end of it all a picture I am proud of :)...
  2. S

    Simpson drawing

    Was bored so drawn bart :P
  3. Z

    Tiger Tank Drawing for a friend.

    It's all Hand drawn via a graphic tablet. because of my bad co-ordination, some, or most you could say, of the lines are shaky looking, one of my friends asked me to draw up one quick so 3 days later. I think I've finished it and wanted to show you lot and ask if you had any ideas, so here it...
  4. Y

    Drawing with paths in PS, but still looks raster-ized

    I am creating a web page background using paths and filling in with bucket tool. When I look at image at 100% I still see jagged edges! I expected a perfect shape that's has vector traits. Please see the exported flattened jpg and my image properties. Thanks for any help given!!
  5. K

    A pit of desperation:

    heya fella's. as I'm new to the forums i thought i'd show you some of the stuff i did in the past. maybe some one will gimme some pointers about what i'm doing wrong. or a pat on the back. any way, here's my wasted youth right here: I'd start with a self portrait: i drew this of a...
  6. C

    Completly new at drawing

    Hello everybody, I would like to learn how to do some digital painting, but i have no background, what so ever, in drawing and painting in any form. I have bought a couple of books on the subject but they all assume that the reader can draw a strait line, which i barely can. Therefore I...
  7. Z

    Amy Macdonald Drawing (WIP)

    so far, that's what i have, doesnt look like much yet, and excuse the gray background, couldn't see where i was going with the white so i changed it to gray. what do you think so far? sorry, i'm a really chatty person for anyone wondering who the hell Amy Macdonald is. she's a Scottish singer...
  8. Paul

    Mixing real and drawing

    This one i tried to mix a drawing with a real image.
  9. S

    Photoshop editing of scanned drawing, help asap

    Hi there. My first post on this forum, wahey! Have to love the facebook integration by the way, kudos! Basically, I have drawn a logo on paper and I have scanned it in 1600 dpi, so it is a fairly big and detailed image, im just wandering how to go about making into an accurate drawn logo...
  10. N

    Drawing circle: issue with shape definition

    starting from a 300 dpi image, I draw a simle circle shaped path and fill it with foreground color, and then the result is just not clean. The border does not look acceptable. I don't understand what the problem is
  11. A

    Coloring Issue

    Hey, so I've been following a tutorial on how to color sketches on photoshop, and it was all going great until... I added a new layer and selected "color" mode but when I actually added the colour to the image, it wasn't really the colour selected. For example, I chose a dark green colour...
  12. A

    What is an artistic job that doesn't involve drawing, painting etc.?

    I have to choose an artistic job for art class, and I have no idea what to choose. All I know is that I do not want to choose a job that involves drawing, painting, or anything else that would be considered classical art.
  13. A

    Has anyone gone from drawing & painting realistically to more imaginative work?

    I have been drawing & painting pets and wildlife from my photos (just as a hobby and for family and friends), but would like to try dragons and other fantasy creatures. I am curious to see if anyone has made such a transition (I know we don't have to choose just one style), and did you find...
  14. hankakston

    From Pencil Drawing to Digital Art

    This is a tall order, I know. But where to begin? Books? Tutorials? I have hundreds of pencil drawings I'd like to convert to digital art, but not "slick"--keeping somehow the style of the finished product. Will post an example link when allowed. Meanwhile see my website at deviantArt for...