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  1. T

    how to design awesome pictures and scenes?

    hi, i'm 17 years old and this is one of my works in photoshop : i've seen this pic a couple of minutes ago : now my question is : how can i create something like this awesome picture ?(i know that it's a very hard work and who created it, used graphics tablet and photoshop or some other...
  2. U

    Request to Photoshop my drawing please

    REQUEST COMPLETE Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you all may be :-) I have been a photoshop user for many years now and i do all sorts of modifications to my own images and i really enjoy spending the time doing it. I have browsed some of the work on this forum and some...
  3. T

    Help making this effect

    i was hoping the smart people here might have some idea as to how to create photos in Photoshop that have a slight illustrative quality to them like a hyper realistic drawing the best example of this I know of is Andrew Zuckerman Not sure where to start in making this effect
  4. T

    After Effects Drawing circle in AE

    Hi everyone, I'm new in After Effect and would like to know how to draw a circle like below one. I want to circle up some people in a group photo, and would like it to be like a drawing effect, I mean not just a circle pop up at their face, but is like a drawing circling up the face, can anyone...
  5. D

    Graphic design help

    How could I go about turning an image into something like this? Should I start with a picture or a drawing I'm just curious
  6. C

    Best Design tool

    I want to draw a painting but i couldn't get a best tool which i used to draw. please help me which tool is best for drawing.
  7. agentmoeller

    New drawing...

    ... done exclusively in PS.
  8. N

    Automatic Layers Palette

    Over the holidays, some updates were done to the computers where I do volunteer work and my PhotoShop 5CS has stopped bringing up new layers automatically. Prior to this, when working on a pen and ink drawing, each time I added a new "line" or "text", and new layer would show up in my Layers...
  9. B

    3D 2D drawing in 3D Space

    Hi, I am new here and wanted to ask a question about drawing 2D reference art to be used for 3D modeling. I was wondering if there was a way to set up Photoshop the way you set up reference art in 3D applications. You know, top, side, front etc. I usually end up with one main drawing that I like...
  10. A

    Making a drawing look old..?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread on the forums! I have a drawing that I would like to make look like sort of an old painting from around the 17th century. I have no real idea how to go about with this and I was hoping for some advice :D This is kind of the style I'm going after: And this is...
  11. A

    Where to start? How can i learn to get this good?!

    Hi All, I am really new to the world of animation and was hoping for some guidance, i was hoping that some day i could possibly be able to do this : Do my own animated images, with my own characters designed by me? Where...
  12. I

    Is there a way to fix and enlarge pixelated outline

    Hi guys, I found an old drawing on my hard disk, and I want to use it for a project. The problem is that image is with small resolution and when I zoom it it is pixelated. It is simple line drawing with no colors. Is there a way to scale it without loosing quality. I tried to trace it with...
  13. H


    Hi every one! Where do I start here? I want to deal with the unique drawing clip-art! My English is not good, forgive me for that.
  14. M

    How do I make this drawing look like Old textured paper? (DaVinci style)

    Hello, I am quite the newb at photoshop! I wondered if you can help me make this drawing/sketch look like an old textured paper effect; similar in style to Leonardo Da Vinci style drawings. I'll upload a picture of the drawing and an image of the style i'd like to achieve with it. I...
  15. L

    Hello all

    Attempting to learn how to use Photoshop as an alternate to drawing a mechanical installation.
  16. M

    Drawing circle in cc15

    Hi everyone Looking for help with drawing circle like one below in photo shop cc15 Tried to google it but could not really name it properly Your help its very appreciated Regards Bart
  17. D

    Creating uneven "drawn" circles

    I am seeking to create these kinda circles in photoshop. Where would I start?
  18. N

    Illustrator Align drawing

    I am looking for a way to straighten a drawing. To illustrate, I want to get from this: to this: I have used rotation and skew tools and was able to achieve some results, however, it was not perfectly straight. Can you suggest how to make this transformation perfectly, not but eye? I...
  19. N

    Vintage Medical Drawing Tutorial

    Hello fellow Photoshoppers!!! I'm looking to create a vintage medical drawing from a photo in photoshop and was curious if there were suggestions, tutorials, etc. that may help me achieve this effect. I've attached an image of what look I'm going for and would love to get some feedback. Thanks!
  20. G

    black spots inside the bright colour zones

    Well every time i draw with the bright blue i get this thing. Parts with the ok colour are the parts with not 100% opacity also, when i choose the colour which draws with this problem it shows a little triangle attention sign ( you can see it on a screenshot) What do you suggest i do to remoove...